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Online casinos vs. Land Based casinos in 2021 

There have been some truly staggering developments in the global casino world over the last several hundred years; you simply cannot deny that. Coming from very humble origins in 17th century Venice, the casino industry has grown into an absolute juggernaut, responsible for some of the largest structures ever built by mankind! Don’t believe us? Well wrap your eyes around this statistic: The Venetian Macau is the 7th largest building in the entire world by floor area – crazy. 

Regardless, as the 21st century has rolled around the dynamic right at the heart of the casino industry has seen a profound shift. New technology and the continued expansion of the Internet have given the online casino industry the tools to grow by an exponentially increasing amount. In fact, nowadays there are a substantial amount more online casino gamblers out there than land based casino gamblers! But ultimately who wins between online casinos and land base casinos in 2021? Let’s take a look… 

Online casino: The positives 

In order to get a balanced look at both online casino and land based casino, the first thing we’re going to do here is take a gander at the positives of both platforms (because who wants to deal with the negatives in life?). First up is online casino, take a look at some online casino positives below: 

  •       Exciting new casino games: The online casino platform has allowed developers to create all manner of exciting new casino games like online slot mobile games, and this is a major positive. With stuff like online slots it’s almost impossible to get bored, because there are new games coming out thick and fast to have a spin on.
  •       Online casino bonuses: Another great thing about online casino are the many deposit bonuses available to gamblers in 2021. These bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll, and are a key reason behind online casino’s massive popularity.
  •       Practicality: And you know what else? Online casino has made the act of gambling so much easier, because these days people can gamble without ever even leaving their homes. 

Land based casino: The positives 

Whilst there are plenty of positives to the online casino world, there are also a number of key positives to take from land based casinos too. Here are some of them: 

  •       Overall casino gambling experience: Let’s be honest; you can never truly match the land based casino gambling experience, especially in iconic settings like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.
  •       More game strategies: One thing that most beginners won’t realise is that there are more game strategies possible in land based casinos, because you don’t have to worry about Random Number Generators. This is especially true in regard to strategies like blackjack card counting.

Online casinos vs. Land Based casinos in 2021: Who wins? 

So, who wins in the battle between online casinos and land based casinos? At the end of the day it is a purely subjective decision, however going by statistics it does seem as though online casino is preferred in 2021.

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