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The biggest historical slot wins

There is a feeling that only the select few have felt and will ever feel, the rush of seeing your wager churn out the mega jackpot on a slot machine. We can only imagine the relief that it offers and, not to mention, the chaotic party that will ensue after it!

Some of the naysayers will not believe that it actually happens to real people and think that hitting the jackpot in slots machines games is just a myth, however, there are some hefty historical slot wins that will blow their minds.

We are here to give you a short lesson on the biggest historical slot game wins ever, and a few hints and tricks that you can employ to put yourself in the running to hit the big time!

What are the biggest slot wins in history?

Perhaps you have seen a couple of quid come into your account, maybe the more fortunate of you have even seen a few hundred. Although the small wins are lovely, they have nothing on the biggest historical slot game wins.

We have, just for you, some of the luckiest slot gamers in history and the amounts that they have won so that you can get excited and go out to score big:

  1.       The Guinness Book of World Records has gifted John Haywood with the prestige of scoring the biggest historical slot game win. The Englishman famously won a whopping $13.2 Million from the comfort of his own home while playing online slot games. We have nothing but respect for the lucky guy!
  2.       If you are looking for sites that have been paying out the most to their loyal customers, then you had need not look any further than PokerStars. The slot games section of the famous poker site had dished out over $23 million and created 12 millionaires in 2017… what will hold for this year?
  3.       For the players who keep their eyes on the ridiculousness of the progressive jackpots’ jackpot, we have some hope for you. The biggest historical progressive jackpot slot win had to go to one anonymous winner who managed to get over $30 million!

If these stories do not give you the hope to become one of the biggest historical slot winners, then perhaps the reels are not for you.

Helpful hints and tricks to becoming one of the biggest slot winners of history

Now, let us get onto the good stuff. The more aspirational of you reading this will have seen the phenomenal stories above and have begun to fancy yourselves as one of the biggest historical slot winners.

Here are a few of our pro tips on slots that will up your game and might put you in front of the small fry:

  •         Monitor your time and money so that you never lose too much and can keep on top of your funds.
  •         Play the slots that have the odds that suit your playing style.
  •         Most importantly, if you are on a losing streak then it is time to take a break to clear your head!

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