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The Digitalization of Games on Chance in 2023

Ever since the first signs of human civilization, there were always games of luck. All people, despite their backgrounds, played various wagering games, and many of those games are ancestors of our modern games of chance. However, unlike the previous eras, for the first time in world history, we see the digitalization of all traditional forms of entertainment, including casinos.

Modern Games on Luck

Nowadays, online casinos are their own separate industry, different from traditional casino establishments. The online gambling sites of today improved the distinct software used by the casinos to generate different random outcomes.

Modern casinos today implement all new features to the iGaming industry, for example, new graphics, better AI, customer service, and, most importantly, more games. The digitalization of the finance system was also quickly introduced in this industry. Most casinos openly accepted crypto as an alternative payment method.

Alongside the digitalization of casinos and their growing popularity, other sectors, such as sports betting, also digitalized their own industry. Modern online betting sites boast a highly advanced betting system. For example, Novibet sports betting odds, are among the best, with skillful customer support that creates an amazing experience for its users. 


The first wave of digitalization of casinos started during the periods of the late 80s until the early 2000s. One of the first games introduced in this new platform was the slot machine, a high-tech virtual game for its time. The slot machine was a simple but also very popular casino game, so the technology of that era was not difficult to recreate slots in their virtual form. The first online casinos were released in the years between 1994-1995 by companies such as Playtech InterCasinos and The Gaming Hub.

The initial success of these pioneering companies inspired other tech developers to establish their own online casino version, which created a great amount of competition who were actively trying to discover new methods to upgrade the new online technology. Like casinos, online sports betting had a similar development.

The first traces of online betting started with the internet boom during the 90s. The first site was called Everygame, launched in 1996, and afterward, other sites took part in the digitalization boom. In 2002 a new peer-to-peer betting feature was introduced and quickly became popular among players making it an instant success.

The popularity of Games on Luck

In recent years, there has been a spike in the popularity of online games on luck. One of the main reasons for the rise was smartphone technology. The smartphone brought another opportunity, the games of luck, to expand their digitalization process, and their services were not exclusively available on the PC but on the phones in the form of apps. However, according to Statistica, if we compare both online casinos and online betting, we can say that the most popular type of online gambling is sports betting. An additional interesting fact is that online gambling, in general, is preferred more by modern internet users than the traditional method of games on luck.

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