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Bitcoin SV Hackathon 4 Kicks Off June 2021

Since 2019, the Bitcoin Association has organized three Bitcoin SV hackathons to create opportunities for all types of developers. This year’s event runs from June 14 – July 26, 2021. 

Everyone that participates gets an opportunity to showcase their ideas and ingenuity skills. The 4th BSV Hackathon is open to all, including blockchain and non-blockchain developers who want to flex their coding skills. This year, the prize pool is the largest to date totaling $100,000USD awarded to the top three contestants who will present their projects live at the October 2021 CoinGeek Conference in New York City.

Bringing this level of opportunity to build on the BSV Blockchain would not be possible without the likes of nChain, run by Dr. Craig S. Wright – the inventor of Bitcoin, and the sponsorship power of CoinGeek

The mastermind behind the event is none other than Raylene Wilson, Technical Program Manager at Bitcoin Association. Wilson started the first event in 2019 as a 48-hour sprint and has since morphed it into a 6-week marathon giving further opportunity to take ideas from concept to design, and build more complete projects.

“The hackathon is a great opportunity for newcomers as it provides an experience for them to learn and test their ideas while having access to the top experts in the industry. Where else are you going to get access to experts to answer your questions for such a long period of time?” said Raylene.

Entrants can participate as a team or submit their work independently. The last hackathon saw more than 400 participants from 75 countries. Collectively, they submitted 42 projects. Regardless of which way they choose, there is plenty of opportunity to engage and share with others. This might lead to joining forces in future projects. There are no losers because the exposure alone is a huge part of the competition. Several projects submitted from previous hackathons attracted collaborators and investors, received seed funding and built successful businesses, including TonicPow and UptimeSV.

The ultimate goal of the BSV Hackathon is to bring novice and world-class developers together, utilize Bitcoin SV’s exponential blockchain scaling power, security, and stable platform to build their apps and enterprise-grade solutions. There is no other blockchain that can provide this level of platform. The power of the mind combined with the power of the BSV blockchain – limitless opportunity to create.

Want more information? You can find answers to your questions concerning this year’s BSV Hackathon at

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