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10 best jobs and career opportunities for MBA graduates

Business graduates are hired by multinational firms to analyze their operations and train the workforce as per the business requirements. They focus on developing strategies for making critical decisions by overlooking the overall administrative operations. It is a booming industry where success is guaranteed. As far as students in India are concerned, they can research the best university for MBA in Dehradun and start their journey now! That is not all, they prepare future leaders to understand the complex relation between trending business topics while contributing to relevant discussions. Have a look at the interesting career opportunities for MBA graduates.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is a globally accepted qualification that allows those in management positions to train their staff in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This certification is provided by the Sanchin University in China and the Hong Kong University of Business and Technology. The syllabus for this certification focuses on six main areas which include: Lean Six Sigma Introduction, Lean Six Sigma Processes, Lean Six Sigma Architecture, Lean Six Sigma Data Warehousing, and Lean Six Sigma Scrums. Students will be able to identify areas in your organization that need improvement, develop strategies for improvement and measure improvements.

  1. Business analyst: Professionals in this domain identify the ambiguity in the system by evaluating the framework of business operations. They incorporate new technological innovations by formulating ways to improvise the business organisation based on their extensive research. They influence stakeholders for organising different sessions to educate the employees.
  2. Marketing research analyst: They are responsible for assembling the data including sales, return on investment (ROI), analysis of different campaigns, competitors’ market strategy, market conditions, and try to look for potential successful opportunity. They evaluate and analyze operating procedures to make necessary recommendations by proposing ways to improve an organisation’s efficiency by altering the process.
  3. General business managers: General business managers administer business operations for developing and implement diverse growth strategies as per the business requirements. They are also responsible for training staff, evaluating their performance, and identifying the growth opportunities by hiring the right skillset.
  4. Business consultant: Business consultants alter the functioning of a particular subject area for improvising the business operations to increase efficiency and determine the appropriate marketing techniques for the overall functioning of the organisation. 
  5. Investment fund managers: They oversee daily business operations by developing and implementing growth strategies. They design strategies, optimize expenses, set policies, and oversee all the expense strategies. 
  6. Chief executive officer: They are responsible for the overall success of the business organisation by securing funds and fostering a sense of confidence among other employees.
  7. Financial managers: Financial managers oversee upholding the monetary well-being of the organisation. They analyze expenses, retailing, and the establishment’s performance in comparison to the business plans.
  8. Equity analyst: The experts in this domain update the applications, tools, and practices for improving the security performance and provide the best asset maintaining advice. 
  9. Cost accountant: Cost accountants evaluate and reduce the financial wastage by classifying expenses minutely. They generate PPV reports for establishing standard costs. 
  10. Budget analysts: They develop the structure of an annual budget by calculating the systematic ways of organisational spending and monitor the availability of funds to estimate future financial requirements. They develop financial models to keep a check on organisational funding areas. Business analysts also act as economic researchers and analyze the economic issues by collecting the relevant data.

So, if you are interested in pursuing any of the above-mentioned job profiles, you can start your journey now by enrolling yourself in an MBA program.

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