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What are pay by mobile slots? 

Pay by mobile slots are on the rise, with more and more being added to sites each year. Unfortunately, not every player knows what these types of slot games are and how useful they can be – play Beehive Bedlam.

What is it 

With so many different payment methods out there, players have lots of choice when it comes to depositing and withdrawing cash into an online casino. One payment method that is quickly on the rise is the pay by mobile payment method, something that is only available in a way by mobile slot games. Essentially, these slots use a payment method where players can deposit money into their account through their phone bill, as long as their mobile is compatible with the features. It is incredibly easy to use and even sets a daily cap limit to ensure that players don’t ever spend more than they intend to. Pay by mobile slots are steadily increasing in popularity with online slot players due to the amazing benefits that they offer. 


Pay by mobile slots offer players many exciting benefits that other slots simply cannot. The following are just a few of the advantages that players will receive when they use a pay by mobile slot game.

  •     Deposit limit – If you are a player who has a hard time trying to limit your spending, look no further than a pay by mobile slot game. These slots have a daily deposit limit, ensuring that players will never overspend. While it may be frustrating for high rollers who spend large amounts of cash, regular players will definitely appreciate the limits placed.
  •     Easy to use – Some payment methods require players to enter long passwords and remember many personal details in order to work. This is not the case with a pay by mobile slot game. Players don’t even have to enter their bank details in order to use this payment method as it doesn’t involve their bank, it is all done through their mobile phone bill.

Why it is bad 

Although the pay by mobile payment method may be great for some players, there are certain players that will find it frustrating. The following are some of the disadvantages that players will find with using this payment method.

  1. Deposit limits – Although this is an advantage for some players, for others it is a negative. The fact is that using this payment method means that you will not be able to bet heavily, this is extremely disadvantageous if you are a high roller. Players who spend more may want to look elsewhere.
  2. Not always suitable – The clue is in the name, pay by mobile. If you rarely play online slots using your phone, there is no point in signing up to a site to receive this payment method. If you are mainly using your computer or laptop, players should instead think about using another, more convenient way to pay. 

Final Thoughts 

Pay by mobile can be extremely useful to players, especially if they only bet small amounts.

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