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Top Rated IPL Betting Apps For 2022

The Indian Premier League is, right now, the biggestT20 cricket league in the world. Although set primarily in India and played mostly by Indians, the league has gathered a wider fanbase even outside of its home country, and even players who are non-Indian were given their time in the league, too, making the name as international as it can get.

It is without a doubt, then, that the interest in cricket betting, particularly betting for the IPL, also saw a huge growth in the past several years. With online betting, the only way to the washer for Indians, the search for top rated IPL betting apps is still and always on.

Here is a rundown on some of the top betting apps where you can wager for IPL matches.


Bons is one of the newer online sports betting platforms where you can bet on Indian sports/leagues such as the IPL. Although this bookmaker does not yet have the same level of experience and reputation as that of the older names in the industry, the site/platform has already proven itself capable of providing excellent and reliable service to online sports punters.

Pari Match

What sets Pari Match apart from other online sportsbooks in India is that they are known to have a smooth user interface that is easy to navigate, making the entire canvassing to betting process an entirely easier experience for most players. Other than offering IPL odds, Pari Match is also known for its impressive lineup of virtual sports you can bet on, which is considered to be top-of-its-class compared to other sportsbooks.


1XBEt is one of the most popular, most reputable, and most recognizable names in the field of online gambling in India. The 1XBEt platform offers not only IPL odds as well as other major international sports leagues, as well as a wide range of choices for online casino games. As for payment methods, 1XBEt is also now accepting cryptocurrency as a method of deposit.

Leon Bet

Leon Bet India is also one of the more popular betting platforms for Indian gamblers. The platform boasts of more than 20 betting sections and offers odds for more than 2,000 local and international sports events.

The platform also offers slots that range to more than 3,000 different variations.


A little different from most of the given platforms here, Betway is a betting exchange. Thus, to call it a “sportsbook” is technically not correct, although often just accepted. In a betting exchange like Betway, players set their odds for games, such as games under the IPL.

One side of the action will act as the bookie, the one offering the odds. Now, if a player thinks the odds are good, they can bet on it. If the bet wins, they collect their profit according to the odds, with a little percentage going to Betway as a platform fee.

Is Online Betting for IPL Legal in India?

With how huge the interest in India is, both for the IPL itself and IPL betting, one might wonder: is online sports betting even legal in India? The answer is a little complicated, but it is a mix of yes and no.

For the most part, gambling is still strictly prohibited in India. However, the catch here is that there is no existing gambling law prohibiting Indian residents to bet and gamble online through apps and sites. This is why offshore gambling and online casino gaming are very popular in the country, as it is the only method to accept casino games and sports betting odds.

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