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The 3 Critical Elements for A Professional Digital Customer Experience

In this modern age, it is increasingly common for customers to meet, greet and interact with your business online. In fact, over 43% of US customers use social media and online methods to find and investigate new products and brands. Most customer interaction and customer communication are now digital and in the cloud, and is likely to stay where it is and simply develop and grow. There are also certain aspects of this online interaction that can be regarded as critical success factors. The aspects of the process that must be included if you hope to achieve success with online marketing. This article looks at just 3 of these critical elements and discusses why they must be part of your digital marketing processes.

Customers want to be able to talk and communicate with the business when they need to and as immediately as possible at that. In the age of the internet, online shopping and e-commerce those who are prepared to spend their money online want to know that they are able to communicate with the sellers and service providers as soon as they need to. Having your product or service available online at all hours means that that the associated online customer service must also be available at the same times. The point of being digital is that the customer should be able to send and receive a response in as short a time and as simply as possible, be it via text message or email, or message on a web forum. There must be an immediacy related to your customer communication.

  • Consistency

Just as the brand must be consistent, all the messaging around the brand is expected to be just as consistent. Customers want and need consistency in this communication. The digital customer experience across all channels as per the examples at Simpplr must be consistent and speak the same brand messaging. There should be no uncertainty and/or no guessing as to what the communication is about and what the specific digital communication channels are that can be used by your customers to reach out and get in touch with you.

  • Based on concise customer knowledge

If your business simply communicates and interacts with all customers, potential clients and new customers in the same way there may be a loss of such customers. The modern customer wants to feel special and as an individual and as such it has become paramount to communicate in a personalized fashion as much as is possible. In an age of mass communication and heightened technological saturation globally, big data now allows your business to gather as much base data as you will require to take your customer digital engagement to the next level.

Digital customer experiences have been changing dramatically over time and we are now in an age, as aforementioned, where the ‘Customer is still King’, always right and yet now has the power and spread of the internet to share both their bad and good experiences. Your business will have to ensure that it has a professional and up to date digital marketing experience to engage with your customers and clients.

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