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How to Open Your Business Up to a Diverse Workforce

As a business owner, you must open your business up to a diverse workforce. So, if you are looking for some of the best ways to increase and improve diversity within your workforce, here are some of the top steps that you can take. 

Make Your Workplace Accessible 

One of the major barriers to disabled people being able to join your company may be that it is simply not accessible enough. Therefore, you should do everything that you can to ensure that everyone is comfortable when they are moving around your company’s space, no matter what their disability is. For instance, you might consider widening the pathways between desks and rooms to ensure that wheelchairs can pass easily. You might also consider installing ramps and elevators so that your disabled employees can move between floors easily. However, if you are intending on installing elevators into your premises, you should make sure that you book Denver elevator inspections regularly. 

Create a Diversity Policy 

It is also important that you have a defined policy when it comes to diversity, and that you do not simply try to increase diversity informally. This is because having a diversity policy will ensure that all of your employees are on the same page when it comes to diversity, will allow you to actively work towards a better environment, and can even make your employees feel safer and more welcome within your company. Therefore, you should consider creating a diversity policy and making this accessible to everyone as soon as possible. 

Check Your Hiring Process

You should also check your hiring process to ensure that it encourages a diverse array of applicants. For instance, you might make it clear that you want to hire people from different backgrounds, and even provide internships for those who might not always get the chance to show their skills off. You should also make the applications easy to fill in in different ways so that people with disabilities or those who might not have the latest gadgets do not struggle to complete them. You should also consider using diverse job boards to advertise your open positions. You might also check what HR software you are using, as this software has sometimes been shown to be racist or sexist

Think of Diversity in Your Working Day 

You also need to think of diversity often when you are going about a normal working day within your business. For instance, you might decide to create a diversity team that can work exclusively on improving the diversity within your company and who can provide a safe listening ear for employees to talk to about their concerns. You should also make diversity a large part of your training programs to try to erase biases and discrimination within your team of employees. More than anything, though, as a business owner, you must challenge your own biases to create a diverse workforce and ensure that you are always striving to do better yourself. 

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