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Spotify Premium app for PC

The undisputed leader in listening to streaming music, Spotify is an application that not only allows you to find, listen, download, and transfer music to your Smartphone or your PC. Want to listen to music, find old favorites, albums of your favorite artists, create your playlist, and listen to your music without stopping? Try Spotify premium apk for PC for free.

Features of Spotify for PC

Several features make Spotify an app to download on PC of choice, namely the ability to listen to the title you want to listen to, play the same title or same album, listen to music offline, and download music or the album of your choice. In addition, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

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Easy to use interface

Its interface faithful to its image of black color with white writing well filled you to access the different categories of music to consult in the heading: Genre and Ambience: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Urban Music, French variety, relaxation , summer, Indie, Sport, funk, techno, disc, Night, Pride, Focus, Latino, Romance, world music, African music, rock, RnB and more … you can also thanks to Spotify on PC get the list or new features through the radar section outputs, future hits, the best rated hits.

Premium Account

To use Spotify on PC, you have to create an account for free, but you can only use it for one month and be able to create your music list. After this free period, you will be offered an offer to access all the features of this service. This premium account allows you to listen to music without advertising and you can listen to the music of your choice, because the free version of the program does not give you the opportunity to listen to your favorite music.

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PC and mobile version

Available on PC but also on iOS, Android, Windows, Spotify allows you to have your music at your fingertips and everywhere. No need to have a disc or MP3 player, but you only needs to be connected to the Internet to access Spotify and listen to your music whenever you want.

Spotify PC allows you to explore the entire music world of the 1960s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, nowadays without interruption. It is possible to listen to the artist of your choice, their albums, to create your playlist with your own titles, to discover the artists you do not know, to access a multitude of rhythms.

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The application also gives you personalized recommendations to satisfy your desires. Listen to music without stop and free on your tablet, your PC, your mobile.

Music search on Spotify PC

To search for music, the developers have set up a search engine that can search for the music of your choice by typing either the title of the album, the song, the name of the artist or the title of the song followed by the name of the artist. But you will not need to do all this because the software has an option that immediately recognizes the name of an artist or title just the first few letters typed.

Note that music is offered in Vorbis format for premium users, allowing them to view a list of more than 30 million titles. The service constantly enriches its library giving the possibility to access independent labels. Moreover, some record companies or unknown artists are present in the library of Spotify.

It is also possible to edit a playlist and share it with other users. You can share the link of the reading list by email or by sms. And once the recipient clicks on the link, he can view the playlist from his Spotify interface.

Thanks to this process it will be possible to export titles out of the application by dragging and dropping the title so that several Internet users can share it.

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In Spotify you have other services like, a radio function, making it easy to create a random playlist with titles selected by genre. On the other hand, use Spotify to discover information about artists, albums, and share links about music on social networks, view the history of songs listened to. Finally, Spotify Premium apk allows you to listen to music by reading the lyrics of the title at the same time.

How to download Spotify on PC

To use Spotify on PC you just have to follow these 3 simple steps: Firstly you will have to download Blue stacks which will be used as an Android emulator directly on your PC. Then you can launch the Google play store application and download Spotify. Third and last step, you will need to launch the application in order to use Spotify directly on your computer.

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