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How to place Google Adsense Code for the highest click-through rate

There are lots of theories and discussions around where is the best place for Google Adsense units to get the best result or highest click-through rate, or CTR. Everyone is always looking to increase their revenue, and increasing the CTR is one way to increase revenue without having to increase traffic. Anyway, after publishing my PSC exam result I did some experiments that I am going to share with you.

If you are not familiar with the F-Shaped pattern of reading web content, it is an excellent study to understand how the majority of people read web content. Understanding how readers actually read the content by tracking their eye movements will result in understanding where best to place your Google Adsense units for optimal performance.

Image (eyetracking)

The image above is a heat map that is generated by which is showing the eye movements of readers while reading web content. The shape of the red areas or the most viewed area of the article sort of produces an F shape, thus the name of the resultant study.Readers will first read or scan the content horizontally, left to right, and then move their eyes back to the left and move down a bit and start to read horizontally again for a shorter period and finally scanning vertically towards the bottom of the content. As you can see in the images, this F pattern isn’t an exact F pattern, as everyone won’t read the same way, but there is a definite pattern.

So What?

Ok, so what’s the big deal? Well, understanding your readers’ behavior while on your website is very valuable to your overall generation of revenue with Adsense. You want to put the Adsense units in locations that your readers most often will view.

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  1. Readers won’t read your content thoroughly. Most readers will perform a scan of the content in an F shaped pattern.
  2. The top of the main content is most important, as it is most frequently scanned or read by the visitor
  3. The left-hand side of a web page is most noticed and scanned by a reader.

Where to place Google Adsense

If you are wanting to increase your click-through rate (CTR), according to the eye-tracking study, it is best to put the Adsense units at the very top of the main content, and vertically on the left-hand side of your page. This isn’t a be-all-end-all rule, because we know about other important places that Adsense units could be placed, but nonetheless, this study provides some proof about a couple of very valuable locations to place your units for optimum results.

Google Adsense Ads Get Faster

Google is always enhancing its products to be more efficient and faster. Just download the latest Google Chrome browser to see the great strides they have made with page loads. Well, now Google has increased the speed at which Google Adsense Ads are loaded on a publishers page.

Google has estimated that when a publisher places Google Adsense Ads on their site, the ads will increase the load time of the page by 12%. That may not sound like a whole lot, but any extra time on a page load could deter the visitor from fully loading the page, and read the content. Users do not like to wait for pages to load and will click the back button very quickly. The new Adsense code will now speed up the loading time by a half a second or more based upon the new code.

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There’s more good news, this effect is automatically done, and requires nothing from the publisher. The speed improvements will automatically take place without you making any changes to your website or Adsense code.

The old implementation would load some additional javascript scripts that would gather information from the website, and send that information about in an ad request to Google. The new implementation, without any changes from the publisher, will create an iFrame on the publisher’s website. This allows for the rest of the website to be loaded while the Google Adsense code performs its needed tasks. The loading of the rest of the website does not need to be put on until Google Adsense performs its loading. This speeds up the process greatly as the loading is done in parallel.

In Google’s testing, the new implementation allows a web page to load as quickly with the Adsense code involved as it would have without the Adsense code. The change will affect visitors who use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8. More browsers will be supported shortly.

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This is something that Google alluded to implementing about a year ago at the Velocity conference and they have put the new code through a tough test to make sure publishers will not notice any hiccups.

Finally, I would like to say, try to place your ads code into a perfect place to get high click rate. Also, try to make your site faster to get the best result.

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