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Computer and cell phone spy software

Cell phones the best of the best invention of all time that has changed our lives since last decade. On the other hand, the computer devices are also the best that has changed the face of the business world and the computer machines also has their impact on the education institutes. The contemporary cell phones over the years enable users to make calls, send and receive, text messages, shared media such as photos and videos and a user can also send and receive Voice calls. On the other hand, the computer machines are very important even then the cell phone gadgets. A user can manage account department, digital operations, for creating the design and for evaluating anything that a human mind cannot even think of.

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In short, the modern technology in the shape of cell phones and computer machines has their importance in every department of life. There is an old saying that, access to everything is not appropriate. So, the cell phones and computers also creating plenty of issues in our lives such as social media running on the phone make issues for teens and computer machines also creating problems such as hacking, scamming all of these terms have driven through the computer technology. Therefore, users have to spy on cell phones and computer devices. Users learn more about review cell phone &computer spy app.

The cell phone spying software

It is the one of the best cell phone monitoring software in the online market these days. It is best for Android, IOS, blackberries, and windows phone tracking. It is also best for parenting, employee monitoring and for spouse tracking. Let’s discuss its features in the following.

Call recording

A user can use it for recording calls and then listen to the calls and save it to the online web portal of the smartphone spying app.

Text messages spy

A user can spy on all the text messages sent or received on the target phone gadget. It further allows user to spy on imessages monitoring, MMS, BBW chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

TOS spy 360

It is one of the contemporary and powerful features of the cell phone surveillance software. It allows user listen to the surround listening and sounds with the help of the spy 360 live surround listening. Furthermore, a user can do streaming through the camera by using the spy 360 live camera streaming. Furthermore, a user can share the screen of the target phone within the control panel of the cell phone spy app through spy 360 screen sharing tool.

GPS location tracker

A user can track the location of the target phone with help of GPS location tracking app that enables user to track the exact and current location of the phone. However, a user can get their hands on location history, weekly location history and it further allows user to set monitoring preferences on the target phone.

Remotely phone controller

A user can remotely control the cell phone such as it allow a user to block the internet, text messages, incoming calls and block the internet on the phone remotely.

The computer monitoring spyware (Windows +MAC)

The computer monitoring spyware
The computer monitoring spyware

It has power to spy on computer devices such as widows & MAC. User can track all the activities happen on the window and MAC machines.

On Demand screen shots

User can remotely get screen shots from the target device with the help of computer spying software. User can view what is happening on the screen of the target device whether it is android or IOS.

Block websites

It allow user to block all the websites running on the device that they think are in appropriate for the users. User just needs to put the URLs into the filters and block the certain websites. On the other target user will not be able to visit the particular blocked websites at all.


The cell phone &windows monitoring software are the best for parenting, employee monitoring and spouse tracking.

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