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Here’s What You Need to Know about Dedicated Development Team Services

What Is a Development Team?

A development team is a team of skilled development professionals who collaboratively work on an in-house development project. They may be responsible for the back-end development, that is, the app or website development. Likewise, they can also charge front-end developmental projects like graphics, speed, or final testing.

These developmental activities may either be carried on by in-house employees or a dedicated outsourced team might be opted for. 

What Are Dedicated Development Team Services?

Teams about such models encompass collaboration between a dedicated team and in-house employees. As part of the agreement, the outsourced team begins to represent in-house employees. The only difference is, the organization or client need not be responsible for the administrative functions of this outsourced team. 

This dedicated outsourced team specializes in its area of function and in realizing a particular project. 

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Development Team Services?

Benefits of Dedicated Development Team


At a dedicated development team services by 8allocate, we have a group of extremely trained developmental professionals. We function primarily in Ukraine. The organization is an outsourcing agency that helps other businesses outsource their developmental activities and switch to a dedicated team.

We believe that such development models bring more to the table as the advantages or benefits are unmatched.

Cost Effective

Opting to outsource a team for development purposes brings savings to the organization and helps them realize their goals faster and with more perfection. It is because it consists of only one overhead expense of recruiting the team. It minimizes time spent on recruiting each in-house employee individually. It is undoubtedly a cheaper and faster way of working.

Saves Time

When you have shorter deadlines and need to get to work as quickly as possible, switching to team models can save time. It is because you outsource your work to a team that is already in existence. It thus saves you the time of individually recruiting each team member. 

Expert Advice

When you enter into a dedicated team model, you employ a dedicated team for your developmental needs and projects. This outsourced team is specialized in their area of work, development, and thus, has in-depth knowledge.


A plus point of choosing dedicated teams is that you have a reliable, outsourced team of trained professionals working on your developmental projects while also having the right to exercise control over them. You are not responsible for the overhead administrative expenses of the team, save time and money while recruiting them, and get to make them work as per your will. The team may not be yours per se, but you can control it like one if you wish to do so.

Collaboration & Cooperation


As dedicated teams work on outsourcing, these recruited teams make their ongoing project their ownThusthey connect to the project in such a way as if it were an in-house one. It ensures high level of a collaborative effort amongst inhouse employees and outsourced ones.


As we have said throughout the articlehiring a dedicated development team service has more advantages than youd thinkIt is costeffectiveensures commitmenthigh quality of services, and gives you the option to exercise control.

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