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Medical PG in India or abroad

Hello Doctors!
Congratulations on for your MBBS
Every year thousands of medical students graduate from different Medical Schools across India.
Specialization is everything if you want to ace in a medical career. That is why every MBBS students aspire to do a Post Graduation or specialization training in his/her preferred branch and choice of Institute. Hence, getting a Medical PG becomes the first step towards the success of any medical graduate.

A fresh MBBS graduate faces many questions and dilemmas. Moreover, the limited information with a lack of proper guidance makes this situation even worse. Due to which many students often take the wrong career decision and some even leave their medical practice and move towards a non-clinical role.

Doing a Post Graduation course from in India or abroad involves both pros and cons. Let’s understand the nuances of it.

Study in India

If you plan to pursue Medical PG in India then you need to clear various Exams like AIPGMEE/NEET, AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, and State Entrances. Medical graduates really work hard to clear the required Entrance Exam and sometimes they have to take a year gap to accomplish this goal.

The only goal is to get the preferred branch of specialization in the choice of college. Unless you get an admission in a Government college the cost is extremely high. However, the chance of getting a seat in a Government College is negligible due to limited seats and ever-increasing demand. As per statistics out of all Medical PG aspirants who apply only 7% or less get seats in government colleges.

Study Abroad

Due to rigorous competition and low availability of seats many students have to go abroad and do their Medical PG to achieve their dream. Pursing Medical PG outside India does not require you to appear for any examination. Sometime, it would even cost you less than studying in India.

No doubt that pursuing your Medical PG from abroad can take you places. Will make ready for Global jobs.

Below are some options for your Medical PG with basic information.

1. United States of America

Required Exam: United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)
Pros: It is considered as one of the best educational systems in the world. Offer better working conditions and better lifestyle. Opportunities are abundant for Fellowships, Specialists and Research programs. You will be eligible for applying for H1B visa and Green card.
Cons: The application process is very hard. One needs proper guidance to make it.

2. United Kingdom

Required Exam: PLAB-Professional & Linguistic Assessment
Pros: It is considered as the best educational system in the world. You can easily get a work visa. Eligible to apply for Green Card
Cons: The cost of living is high. Low availability of seats and the processing time is long for application. The rules and regulation are very strict by different health and medical councils

3. Canada

Required Exam: MCQEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination)
Pros: It is considered top medical education in the world. Offer better working conditions and better lifestyle. There are ample job opportunities for Fellowships or Specialists roles. After completing the course one will be eligible for work Permit Visa.
Cons: It is not preferred by Int. Medical Graduates. Prefer Permanent Resident or Green cardholders

5. Australia

Required Exam: AMC – Australian Med. Council
Pros: Offer better working conditions and lifestyle. Job opportunities are ample.
Cons: Under-served area serving

6. New Zealand

Required Exam: NZREX: New-Zealand Registration
Pros: Offer better working conditions and lifestyle.
Cons: Prefer Permanent Resident or Green cardholders. Not friendly with Int. Medical Graduate.

7. GULF Countries – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, etc.

Required Exam: Ministries and Departments of different Health Authorities
Pros: Offer better working conditions. Offer good pay with tax-free. Payments are done in Dirham.
Cons: The contract is valid only for a year and it has to be renewed every year going forward. The application processing takes a very long time. Need to be careful with the fraudulent immigration agents.

8. European Countries – Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

Required Exam: No exams required
Pros: Low tuition fees and with a preferred branch of study.
Cons: Currently, not recognized under MCI. Sometimes the language barrier makes difficult even in everyday communication. Currently, the course is not listed on all Int. Medical Education Directories.

9. Asian Countries (Philippines, China)

Required Exam: No exams required.
Pros: Low tuition fees and with a preferred branch of study.
Cons: Not MCI recognized.

10. American Continent (Caribbean)

  • Required Exam: No exams required.
    Pros: Low tuition fees. Available preferred branch of study.
    Cons: Not recognized under MCI.

    There are many options available to pursue Medical PG abroad and most of the options are covered above. At this important juncture of your career, making an informed decision is the best thing to do. Your choice has to be based on many factors like ease of application, course recognition, budget, time, and your long term career aspirations as well. With proper consideration, you can easily choose the one which is right for you.

    Germany is the best option to choose from so many options available. Let us understand in brief why to considering Post Graduate Medical / Surgery Specialization Training in Germany is the best thing to do.

  • One of the best educational systems in the world
  • Germany is famous to own a world-class healthcare system
  • Offer better working conditions and lifestyle
  • The PG course is on-the-job training in the hospital
  • Get real-life exposure and access to advanced medical technologies
  • The cost of the course is at the fraction
  • Enjoy 100% PG Medicine/surgery Placement
  • Can easily get work Permit visa and eligible for Blue Card
  • Become a true Global Medical Professional

    To get admission in Medical PG German, you need an expert who has huge experience in guiding students successfully. We have ample of experience and in-depth knowledge about German medical education and the Medical PG Training. We provide advisory and preparatory service to every aspiring medical doctor all over the world especially from Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. We have gone through this path several times hence we can guide you better. We work with you to help you until you are successful.

    We provide a roadmap and a two-stage pathway to pursue your Post-Graduate Medical Training in Germany. We start with an In-depth career counseling session via In-person, Skype or on Phone. After that, we provide PGMP – Post Graduate Medical Training Program.

This course is updated with the latest developments in the German Medical training system to provide the most relevant program to our clients. Every trainee gets placed in a completely functional hospital. The training makes you comfortable with every modern tool and technologies to solve every health challenge. The training gives you full exposure to advanced medical terminologies, techniques and technologies.

Our course with Medical Training In Germany will make you confident and competent in your career.

Call us today for in-depth career counseling and Guidance
Contact No: +91 98202 42932
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