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Fingerprint safe is most dynamic technique in the whole gun safe.

Fingerprint safe is one of the biometric platform and most beneficial for using any gun users.

The fingerprint is long, twist, and vale pattern on the tip of every finger. One of the best characteristics like Ridges and traction ridges creates the fingerprints.

For using the fingerprint biometric safe your is gun more secure than another gun safe because your fingerprint lock is hard to break.

If you use the gun safe with your fingerprint, you just set your finger on the weapons it automatically records your thumb pattern and saves this data on the database you can simply store the 20 the any critical condition you just press your finger and get easily and fastly access of your gun .so you don’t worry about reminder any PIN and key.

Suppose you are going to out of home and your child, wife are touching your gun that is very harmful so avoiding this thing you set the fingerprint lock on your weapons and take off safe your lovable persons

How to utilize the biometric fingerprint gun safe

#1.Records your fingerprint

  1. Initially, the most important thing of using the safe is placing the battery power supply to the particular unit and connected to the it fastly takes backup and immediate key for accessing the gun safe
  2. Battery power is loaded; it will set the fingerprint technique program into your system.
  3. After beginning the program you can press the reset and record buttons. This button plays a vital role in this technique
  4. The system always accepts the new finger pattern and its records are stored in the database
  5. With the help of flashing LEDs light or coloured LEDs light, you can pinch your finger into the scanner and wait for colouring light and sound because this are proof of your print is successful stored or not stored.

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#2. Use fingerprint safe

  1. You can register various angles and pattern of your finger and also other person fingers
  2. You can easily store the multiple fingers on the system.
  3. The registered fingerprint is already saved in the database so it will quickly give them access to open your gun safe
  4. If you scan your fingerprint please dry your hand properly.
  • You apply the strong pressure is affected to scanner result.
  • If you press your finger in an incomplete way and another portion of your finger then it will be detected
  • Wet finger and any dust or oil on your figure is twisted the lines of the system and it will try to read.
  1. Please wipe the scanner glass area after every use it will remove the fingerprint because the unauthenticated person can’t captured it.
  2. It is a security purpose best biometric for your firearms

Advantage of fingerprints

  • Protect your valuables
  • Difficult to break
  • Don’t reminder any PIN or key to access your gun safe
  • It is pretty biometric safe
  • Quickly operate
  • Ability to record multiple fingerprints
  • More comfortable
  • Quickly read your fingerprints and grand to operate
  • Unlock/lock the devices or weapons
  • Unique and highly secure
  • It is easier and faster setup.

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