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3 Technology Features Your Company’s Delivery Van Needs

Do you own a company that will soon be offering a delivery service to your customers? Bringing items to your customer’s doorstep is an in-demand service for many businesses today, regardless of the size. And while a lot goes into preparing to offer this service, you also need to consider the vehicle that will be used for deliveries. Vans are often the vehicle of choice since they have so much cargo space. But other than space, what features should you look for? 

Here are three technology features you’ll want to look for when shopping for the ideal delivery van.

Electric Technology Could Save the Company Money in the Long Term

The first technology feature is the engine itself. Rather than the traditional diesel van, which can get very expensive to operate, consider an electric model. Electric vehicle technology has evolved considerably in the past decade. What was once seen as an inconvenient engine option is now the opposite. Charging stations are now easier to find than ever before, the battery tech has come a long way so it can hold a charge longer, and electric vehicles have managed to become even more efficient. Chances are it will be a bigger initial investment, but when you weigh the costs of diesel vs electric, plus take into account the rising fuel prices, electric can make much more sense. 

However, opting for an electric van can limit you in terms of the available models, so keep in mind that it can take a little longer to find what you’re after.

Integrated Satellite Navigation Technology Is a Must

Drivers getting lost or not being aware of the fastest, most direct route to the drop-off can end up costing the company money. You spend more on fuel costs, you can’t complete as many deliveries in a day since each one is taking longer, and customers have to wait longer to receive their items. In other words, prompt and efficient delivery of goods is a win-win for the company and the customer.

A great way to make this happen is to look for a van that has integrated satellite navigation technology. This technology ensures they never get lost again, they are aware of road closures, they can find the fastest most direct route, and everything runs more efficiently. Many delivery drivers rely on a navigation app on their smartphone, but that’s not as convenient as having a user-friendly built-in navigation system and screen. If you’re looking for used vans for sale, this feature may be harder to find, so look for newer models.

Electric Stability and Traction Control System Technology Ensures Safety

Then we have the safety features that rely on technology as well. The electric stability and traction control system means the van will stay on the road even in bad weather or challenging road conditions. This means less chance of accidents and incidents. 

When it comes to employee safety, delivering products efficiently, and making the customer happy, these technology features will certainly help the delivery van to be the best it can be.

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