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Top 8 explainer video templates to attract more customers

What should you know about an explainer video?

Explainer videos are a real breakthrough of the modern world. Such video is an immaculate marketing tool for engaging new clients and boosting the business. The statistics show that nowadays people more frequently opt for watching videos rather than reading long texts. 

  Typical explainer video is short (no longer than 2 minutes), but informative. It enables the author to show his personality and creativity in full force. Moreover, unlike articles, these videos can be easily shared and uploaded to different Internet platforms without any difficulties!

  If you are creating explainer videos quite often or just dream about doing it on a regular basis, then this article is exactly for you!

Video explainer templates

  Since the process of creating an explainer video is a challenging one, you can make your life easier by using a video explainer template. Thanks to it the author can create an amazing video without spending months on the process of video production.

  Although, you should understand that a video made from a template can’t be as creative and original as ones created from scratches. All in all, if you are not going to become the author of a Disney masterpiece, then this variant is still a good one for you! 

The inventory of the best video explainer templates

To make your life easier we have prepared a list of 8 best video templates for creating an immaculate product.

1. 3D Explainer video toolkit

If you want to start creating a website explainer video without having a lot of experience under your belt 3D Explainer video toolkit is a great variant for you! The main advantage of this app is that you may download it for free. Although, it doesn’t mean that it is of a bad quality! You may opt from a great number of icons, scenes, and 3D characters. This video template is a good one for creating commercial videos, product promo, and other business videos.

2. Explainer Typography Kit

This one gives you a range of eye-catching typography to engage the audience. To use this template you should understand how to make use of drag and drop tools. Another advantage is that by downloading an Explainer Typography Kit you get a step-by-step tutorial. 

3. Stylish App Promo Kit

This one may be convenient to use, since it may be downloaded on your mobile phone. It is a tool for making videos for both OS and Android apps. The creator allows you to make up to 4 000 videos with this application.

4. Whiteboard Animation toolkit

By downloading this tool you get nearly 450 creative scenes, sophisticated designs, icons and features. All in all, it gives you an opportunity to turn all your thoughts and imaginations into reality.

5.Hand Explainer Kit

This explainer video template can boast of many backgrounds, ten layers and other interesting features for your future product. Moreover, it is very easy to understand so no special technical skills are needed! Although, this tool doesn’t have music, videos, and fonts.

6. Business Character Promotion

This one is not for the beginners! Although, this template will help you make a professional explainer video. 100 corporate scenes, a number of images and sounds are available.

7. Character Adventures Toolkit

  If your business is connected with the traveling sphere, this template is a perfect variant for you. Except for a number of short animations (nearly 150) this tool represents different travel destinations, icons, and many other appealing things. Moreover, your own images, sounds, and scripts can be easily uploaded.

8. Agency/Website/Service Advertisement

Thanks to this template you may get a simple but fresh design for creating an explainer video. This tool is one of the easiest one to use. Edit, delete, duplicate, and create your own scenes within a few clicks. By downloading it you will get access at least to 12 scenes, 40 text layers, and 60 media holders.

  If you are serious about making an explainer video you will definitely find the best template for you out of these 8 ones. Each of them represents a number of sophisticated features which will come as a pleasant surprise to you!

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