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How the Evolution of the TV has Changed Our Viewing Experience

Technology and television are co-related to each other. Television is nothing but a product of technology. Television has always been a great source of entertainment since their evolution. But television has changed a lot since its evolution. Modern technology has brought revolution through improved and innovative televisions.
There have been major innovations in TV techniques in recent times. This has not only changed our viewing experience but has also improved the quality of service. The introduction of smart TVs has been one of the major developments. Read on to know What is smart TV and how it has changed our viewing experience.

What is Smart TV?

A smart TV is a television set with integrated internet and features that allows users to browse the internet and stream videos and music. It is a convergence of television sets, computers and set-top boxes.

How has smart TV changed our viewing experience?

Many types of smart TVs are available in the market. The features and specifications differ depending on the technologies and software used in it. Yet, there are some common features in all smart TVs. A smart TV has changed the way we watch visual content in the following ways:

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● Better display

Technology has played a major role in display advancements in television sets. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and QLED (Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode) are the latest display technologies in smart TVs. Smart TVs do not have any screen problems. These TV sets work on the principle of emitting light. They give greater vibrancy and uniform brightness.

● Improved image quality

There are many resolutions found on smart TVs. High resolution improves the clarity of the picture on the screen. High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K are the latest things for smart TVs. A TV with HDR or Ultra HD allows images to appear with greater clarity. It creates a cinematic experience for viewers with natural and authentic images.

● Bigger screen size

Smart TVs come with big display screens. This enables you to watch your favourite programs and sports on a larger screen. A bigger screen is always better to enjoy the visual impact.

● Advanced connectivity options

A smart TV gives more advanced connectivity than a basic contemporary television set. Smart TVs come with all the necessary connectivity options that you would like to have. These TVs are being equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity to give uninterrupted entertainment. With the help of USB ports, you can plug your camera or laptop or play your gaming console without switching cables. You can also connect your hard drive or pen drive or smartphone and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

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● Broader content

A smart TV has its channels and content along with the terrestrial networks. Smart TVs have support for all kinds of programs, games, applications and services. Hence, you can surf the web and stream internet channels from the comfort of your sofa. Audio streaming is also available on smart TVs. So you can use a smart TV to play music for a party.

● Better control

Smart TVs come with smart remote control options. You can avoid clutter in your living room with one remote control that controls all devices connected to your smart TV. You can also turn your smartphone into a remote control device and control your TV with it.

● Store of apps

All smart TVs come with an app store of their own. You can add apps from this store. They also come with pre-installed apps. Streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video are generally pre-installed in all smart TVs. This allows you to watch your favourite movies and content anytime. Social networking sites apps like Twitter and Facebook are also there. It is an ultimate way of communicating with your friends through these social networking sites while watching TV. You can also have live video chats with your friends and family on big screens through these apps.

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Now that you know all about a smart TV and the way it can give you a theatre-like experience, you can go ahead and buy one as per your need and budget.
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