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What is Amazon Lightsail? Why you should use it

If you are looking for virtual private servers then Amazon Lightsail could be the best option for you. It will give you the trust of Amazon Web Service plus provides everything you require to establish the server. Things provided by the Amazon Lightsail include a virtual machine, a static IP, DNS management, SSD-based storage, and DNS management. One positive point about this service is that you have to pay a specific amount of money per month.

It is a type of cloud service which is considered to be the best for people who are new to this sector or are less experienced. One of the important factors of this Amazon Lightsail is that it allows a customer to build a template by offering various operating systems, stacks, & applications. This platform is also easy to launch and manage.

Amazon Lightsail is said to be perfect for startups or small scale business. The reason being is that it is cheap & affordable and allows developers to test app prototypes. It is known to be the leader in the cloud computing sector.

What are the uses of Amazon Lightsail

The requirement of Amazon Lightsail is for people or businesses who want to manage application software, websites, e-commerce sites, or blogs. It creates a preconfigured virtual private network where users can easily manage with its simple interface accordingly. It also provides several operating systems, applications, & developer stacks according to your convenience. Some of the examples include Amazon Linux, Windows Server, FreeBSD, WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, MEAN & LAMP.

What is the requirement of Lightsail instance

The main requirement of Lightsail instance is to run codes, store data, and build websites or applications. Instances are types of virtual private servers that connect to each other plus to AWS resources as well. Your instances are always backed by the reliability of AWS and are also hassle-free to use. Lightsail console is there for you to manage your instances.

Why you should choose Amazon Lightsail

1) Easy to use & maintain

Amazon Lightsail is designed with compatibility for people who are not very much used to cloud computing. Hence it can easily be used & maintained by anyone. This platform is also admired for having a simple user interface which is a point for its increased popularity.

2) Use of quality cloud

The cloud infrastructure used by AWS is trusted by millions of users and the same infrastructure is serving many brand names in the industry. So you don’t have to worry about the quality or anything. You are served by the best hence you can easily rely on the service.

3) Affordable in nature

Don’t be surprised if we say that Amazon Lightsail offers one of its $5 plan free for one month (up to 750 hours). After that also you can easily afford it according to your requirements and choose any monthly plan. No billing will be there like other services, hence you are free to use as per your requirement.

4) Easy to customize

With Amazon Lightsail you can easily get access to advanced features for your app whenever you are in need. Few of these advanced features include content delivery network & managed databases.

5) Safe and secure

You don’t have to think much about security when you choose Amazon Lightsail. This platform is completely safe and can easily be accessed through a Firewall or IP address. It also has the snapshots feature where you can save all the required information.


After going through this post you might have come to know about Amazon Lightsail and what all it can do. Our research showed that this one of the best platforms for getting virtual private servers. At Lightsail you will get everything related to your cloud needs. Your website can also accommodate variations in traffic with the help of its simplified load balancing feature. Besides, you will also be safe from outages to give visitors a quality experience to your web application or website.

If you want something like this, then we will suggest that you should choose AWS. It offers fixed monthly plans so you don’t have to think about how many bills you’ll get at the end. Another thing is that it is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

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