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20 Must-Follow YouTube Channels to learn AI

There are many ways to learn about data science and keep up with the latest trends, but an easy way to do it is by following these YouTube channels.

Keep learning and training is vital in our life, but we do not always have to learn through books. Platforms like YouTube allow us to hear from professionals in the sector how they work and what project they have developed, and, is that theory is often useless if it is not accompanied by practice. By following these YouTube channels, you can learn to put your knowledge about data science into practice.

channels of YouTube

  1.  The Data Incubator . This channel does not upload content regularly, but you find a wide variety of topics very well explained.
  2.  Data Science Dojo . Here you can find tips for topics related to the professional life of a Data Science and there are explanations of tools that a Data Science needs.
  3. DataCamp . This channel is similar to the previous one, mixing explanations of various topics related to the world of Data Science.
  4. Sentdex . This channel is a bit of a potpourri, you can find tutorials on Python, machine learning, finance, data analysis, robotics, web development or video game development.
  5. Data School . Kevin Markham is the founder of this channel and uses it to offer practical instructions, focusing primarily on the topics that students should learn first. It is also useful for those who know a little more
  6. Open Data Science . Another channel that deals with different topics, you can find videos on R, NLP and data storytelling. Therefore, it is suitable for developers, data viewers or machine learning enthusiasts.
  7. Edureka . It is the YouTube account of a course platform, but there you can find the explanation of any topic that interests you. In addition, there are videos for all levels, from beginners to advanced.
  8. Data Professor , It is a channel to help students and people interested in learning about data science and how it can be used to make sense of data.
  9. Plumbers of Data Science . The definition of this channel is: “I help you get into data engineering, the plumbing of data science. Creation of big data platforms. »
  10. SuperDataScience . It is another channel where there is a great variety of topics. There are tutorial videos from Qlink, PLOTLY or news from the world of Big Data.

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