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Which is better MBA or project management?

Finding good direction in the business world requires opting for the right programme. This way you get the right learnings early on and can choose job roles that are suited to your core skills and strengths. MBA has widely been regarded as a suitable degree for professionals looking for managerial or other such prolific positions. 

Though, have you considered project management degree as an option which can give your career a more specific trajectory? Now, don’t get the wrong idea and start fretting about your MBA credential. The degree is still a gateway to many suitable opportunities but what makes project management so different is the specialised focus it offers in efficient leadership. 

What entails project management? 

Every organisation is dependent on the efficient running of its various process for stability and success. Hence, they are particular about hiring the right candidate who can give them ensured results. A project manager should be able to plan, organise, supervise and lead operations. They should also have the skills to budget and manage resources efficiently which means along with management, they need to know about strategy making, evaluation and finance. 

As per online magazine PM Column, rapidly changing project objectives can incur losses for a company. It also states that organisations that invested in efficient project manager are seeing a decline of 27% in their resource wastage. 

Now, this is simply a no brainer that such proficient professional are an asset to the business and are highly sorted for their ability to successfully conduct each operation. They are so well-trained that often project management training is equated with that of a CEO. What that means is that a project management course imbibes all the expertise that a true leader should have. 

Skills gained in project management 

Among chief reasons why this course is so highly regarded is due to the plethora of high-functioning skills it imbibes in an individual. Some of these widely applicable expertise are: 

  • Planning abilities- The groundwork for each project is laid by strong planning. As a manager, one has to have clearly defined objectives in mind before they undertake any task. This in itself involves critical thinking abilities to ascertain a time frame, have a resource estimation and budget each needs. 
  • Consistence performance- Staying consistence and focused is a necessary yet often neglected expertise that ascertain the success of any project. Project managers have to multi task and ensure they maintain a high standard in their work and team management. They also have to bring all stakeholders on the same page and get complete customer satisfaction. Being consistent amid in all their job functions is an expertise drilled into mangers during training. 
  • Communication skills- While MBA too focuses on developing good communication skills, project management teaches you effective business communication at every level. This includes transparency with team, exchange of ideas with clients and co-ordination with different vendors. Being articulate and communication with a varied group of people is a critical skill set that is taught during project management training. 

As a project manager, you get to develop a wide variety of skills and are always learning and growing with each new step in the industry. The course training sufficiently trains you to tackle any challenges and gives you a strong foothold in a dynamically shifting market. 

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