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Your Guide On How To Pick Lottery Numbers

The lottery is nothing but a game of numbers combined with the luck factor. The luck factor is totally unpredictable, but the numbers are in your hand. How you choose your numbers does have some role to play in your winning or not winning. It is just these numbers that stand between you and the millions that are waiting to be claimed by someone who incidentally could be you. So, it is only beneficial that you learn some tips and tricks about choosing the numbers well.

Winning a Jackpot

When you play the lottery on Lottoland, the leading platform for casino games and lotteries and have to pick your numbers, you can either choose them manually or you can let the computer pick them for you. When all the 6 numbers drawn have also been selected on your ticket, you win the jackpot. The chance of this happening varies from lottery to lottery and their pool of numbers, but it is definitely one in a few million or lower as every combination has an equal chance of being drawn. The following are often used for selecting numbers manually:

Hot Numbers

These are the numbers that have been picked in the lottery most frequently within a given time frame.

  • One set of players believes that these are likely to be drawn away as proven by their track record.
  • Those in the second set feel that they have been drawn far too often and may not be drawn again soon.

Cold Numbers

These are the numbers that have been picked within the time frame but not frequently.

  • The first set feels that the numbers will be drawn soon since they have not been picked often.
  • The second set feels that they will continue to be elusive and are not likely to be drawn soon.

Overdue Numbers

These are the numbers that have not been picked out at all in a while. Attributing to this fact, they are treated in a similar manner to the cold numbers. Players who believe in these numbers feel that they have to be drawn sometime and continue to select them on their tickets.

The above definitions depend on a time-frame decided by the individual players and are used as a reference point. It is generally defined by the number of draws and could be 100 for some, while only 20 for others. The same numbers could end up belonging to a different category over different cycles. For instance, a number that has been hot in the first cycle of 10 draws could be a part of the due numbers in the 2nd cycle and cold in the 3rd.

Lucky Numbers

Many people like to stick to a certain set of numbers because they have played an important role at some point in their lives – it could be a birthday, a birth year, a roll number, a bus number and so on. They generally believe that these numbers will bring them luck. A few lucky numbers can be replaced with others from time to time.

Irrespective of the strategy you use for the selection of numbers, you must remember that only one combination can get the jackpot. Whether you work with your gut feel or you choose numbers randomly, you will win when your numbers and luck come together in your favor. You can get all the opportunities on Lotto land and use it as your lucky platform for becoming rich.

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