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How Custom Mobile Accessories Boxes can Make your Brand go Viral across Social Media?

In this day and age of social media, the best salesman is your product packaging. To put it plainly, the package that encases your mobile accessories is the real deal. Many retailers and marketers, therefore, like to control the way in which their packages appear by leveraging professional cameras and lighting. Sadly, what they don’t know is the same packaging fails to dazzle the buyers when those professional cameras and lightings are replaced with smartphonesnappers and bathroom fluorescents.

To find out if your packaging can actually lure eyeballs, see how enticing and engaging your product looks once removed from those fancy ads.


Of course, extravagant set pieces and fancy lighting can help you pull together an exquisite ad campaign, but only a beautiful packaging design can allow your brand and product to stand out and become truly viral across social media.After all, the custom mobile accessories packaging design that encases your product is the actual manifestation of your brand with which your customers will get to interact before anything else.
Thus, mobile accessories boxes that are smart, fun, and exciting stand a better chance of being snapped and shared on social media than a simple or dreary box. Effective packaging should deliver a sense of excitement and anticipation for the product. Else, it will never jump off the retail shelf. In short, your packaging should convey the brand’s effects on sensory satisfaction in a snapshot.

Though many brands spend a fortune on marketing campaigns nothing comes close to the following and awareness that is generated by social media. Bearing this in mind, here The Legacy Printing has outlined how using custom mobile accessories packaging can help your brand and product go viral on social media.

The Pulsating Minimalist Design

It seems that people, who said that minimalist design was about lack of details, have never come across brandless packaging. Several leading brands, including Adidas and others, are now aggressively selling products that are vegan, organic or carved out of recyclable and reusable materials. Every detail signifies the philosophy of the company.

They have designed their unboxing experience with a simple but engaging personalized message. More importantly, shoppers find each product artfully wrapped and separated by inserts that keep them safe from being squashed or crushed. All these efforts are made to protect the true star of the show—the product.
These brands are uniting vibrant hues with simple typography to create the magic. The vivid hues pack the scent or tang, while the brand name reflects what it should—nothing more, nothing less. And to offer cohesive experience across each touch point, they have ensured there’s a consistency between the shipment packaging and the product packaging.

Likewise, a simple and attractive minimalist custom mobile accessories packaging design that boasts recyclable materials can instantly grab customers’ attention, especially the ones that prefer to buy from socially responsible brands.

Pack Luxury Items in Luxury Packaging

Why the unboxing experience of Rolex make the owners of the luxurious timepiece feel valued?
Well, it’s because if your $30,000 watch would have arrived in a dreary or simple box, it will never spark that excitement. Rather, it would be a complete letdown. That’s why Rolex leverages those luxurious green color and textured boxes to pack its products.

As soon as you open the luxurious box, you can instantly decipher the incredible lengths brand has gone to keep your investment safe. The company covers each timepiece with peelable clear stickers that protect them against marks and scratches. In addition, plastic bevel cover is used to keep the bevel safe from damage. It is also accompanied by a super soft cleaning cloth that is carefully wrapped around the watch.

custom-mobile-accessories-packaging (1)
custom-mobile-accessories-packaging (1)

Luxurious mobile accessories aren’t an exception. For example, if you are selling those pure gold Apple Airpods, it would be unfair to pack them in a typical box. To evoke the right emotions and make your customers feel valued, you must craft mobile accessories boxes that exude luxury. Because product packaging isn’t just a vessel to ship products; it’s something beautiful that your customers can persistently use to store and display your product proudly.

Such packaging won’t take too long to go viral on social websites.

Take Away

Now it’s your turn to unlock your brand’s potential. Certainly, it requires a great time, effort and resources to make your mobile accessories packagingand unboxing experience feel extravagant but it can go a long way. Not only it allows you to create a memorable experience, but it also allows your brand to make a mark for itself and draw new customers in big numbers.
In short, going the extra mile can really help you deliver your brand’s values, mission, and philosophy. No matter, whatever they may be.

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