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5 Digital Marketing techniques to drive the right traffic

It has now become a norm to run a review check online on the products before heading out to purchase them. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you will be losing out on potential customers and revenue.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of every business to explore ways to boost the right traffic.

However, before constructing a campaign for driving traffic, marketers must take into account the current traffic analytics.

In case you are wondering how one can carry this out, then the best tool to do so is through Google Analytics. It is of paramount importance to perform this analysis as it is crucial to determine as to where the traffic is coming from.

Moreover, it is also important to note which content is being enjoyed the most by visitors. Furthermore, for an effective campaign, the marketer must also know how long the users are taking to explore your site, and when do they typically leave it. These stats allow digital marketers to gauge a web page’s bounce rate.

A proper grip on these factors will enable you to create a stronger strategy and improve the click rates on your site. Speaking of this, let’s explore five digital marketing techniques so that you know where to start.

1) Guest blogging

It is one effective way to drive traffic as guest blogging on other websites adds to your credibility. It helps in generating awareness regarding your product or service and helps in expanding the customer base.

However, for guest blogging to be competent enough, the business or website you are teaming up with should be on the same wavelength. Both of you should have the same target audience in addition to being in the same industry. This way you will be able to see an increase in traffic, and that’s for sure!

2) Email Marketing

It is, by far, the most useful marketing tool and promises quite a high return on investment. It is a great option to effectively promote your brand, service, or even if you want to create a hype about any initiative you are currently planning.

Furthermore, to maximize output through email marketing and enjoy its benefits to the fullest, the best way is to give A/B testing a try. Additionally, it is also recommended to consider segmenting and personalization.

Incorporating these strategies will build an up and close relationship with the customers, which in turn will allow you to better understand their needs in terms of content. It is okay to seek professional help, and there is no one better than an SEO agency in Australia if you’re looking to expand your reach across the Tasmanian region.

3) Inculcate video content

Video, perhaps, is one of the most powerful yet the most underused marketing tools. It is obvious why we can’t stress enough how smart it is to integrate video content, considering the quick results it manages to produce.

Incorporating video content casts an everlasting impact on the customers, which can be determined through the number of views and shares it brings in.

In fact, as per a report carried out by HubSpot’s State of Video Marketing, the inclusion of video content boosts the traffic by 76%, which is enormous.


4) Paid search

If you are way too eager to see quick results, then nothing would be more appropriate than opting for paid search. Also, known as pay-per-click (PPC), these campaigns are relatively easier to set up in comparison to other digital marketing tactics.

The best part is perhaps that it does not require any design work. All it takes for it to work is keyword research alongside a great ad copywriting.

Through this, you shall witness immediate results considering that the keywords you have included have a high search volume.

5) Social advertising

Nothing can beat advertising on social media. Even social advertisement starts generating traffic as soon as they go live as same as the case with paid search. The only benefit which lies with paid advertising as opposed to paid search is that users don’t necessarily have to be looking for your product for the ads to pop-up. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, results are guaranteed!

These five tips will never let you down and drive and boost the right traffic for your business.

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