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How to Monitor Child’s Digital Life with BIT GUARDIAN PARENTAL CONTROL?

What Is Bit Guardian Parental Control?

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a co-parent of today’s tech-centric generation. It offers a sheltered environment for your kid’s safe digital exposure.

Fundamentally, parental control apps monitor, restrict, and filter various digital contents to allow safe navigation of a child in today’s digital era.

Furthermore, this application provides an additional layer of security with a set of unique features that acts as a digital eye to your kid’s online activities.

Here we bring a quick understanding of our key features to give you a bird’s eye view of your children’s digital life with Bit Guardian Parental Control.

First Thing First

BGPC is a kid’s screen time control app that assists parenting with technological support. The easy setup and installation process outshines it from other child monitoring apps.

  • Install the app on your device(parent’s device), create an account, and add your kid.
  • Install the same app on a kid’s device and log in to the app
  • Go through the core parental control features, real-time safety features and hallmark features of BGPC
  • Set your limits and restrict kids’ online life through different features

Core Features of Parental Control

When your kids are learning to be good online citizens, you can take charge of parenting part with keeping tabs on their devices. These features can be effective countermeasures to combat adverse online activities.

3 Tools To Filter Age Inappropriate Contents

App Block

  • A parent can find out the list of apps a child is using in his smartphone
  • Take full charge of your kid’s safety by controlling which apps they can use in their device with this child app locker.
  • You can straightaway block the age-inappropriate and misleading apps.

App Install Block

  • You can entirely prevent your children from downloading any new app on their Android device from the Google Play Store.

 Kiosk Mode

  • With this mode, you can permit only a handful of apps on the kid’s device and restrict all other functionalities of their smartphone
  • It’s a bespoke home screen of your child with limited apps, which ensures a safe digital exposure of a kid

2 Tools To Set Screen Time control

Time Schedule

  • There is App time and Bedtime under this feature

App Time Limit

  •  This is an excellent arsenal for working parents to control screen time limits on kid’s device. Even if you are working.
  • Limit extra hours or set curfew hours by selecting different time limits for several apps

Real-world safety features

Panic Alert and SOS Button

  • The kid’s device will have an SOS button on his dashboard. A kid can tap this button in an emergency, and this app will automatically send a panic alert to a parent’s device with the kid’s current location. (If GPS is on)
  • Batten down the hatches and secure your kids round the clock with this feature
  • This app needs DND permission (optional, however) to get uninterrupted panic alerts on parent’s device

Geo-Fencing and Speed Limit

  • Set virtual geographic boundaries with this child location tracker app and ensure your kid’s safety (Minimum radius should be 100 meters)
  • You will get an alert with the current location of a kid when your child enter and exit your predefined safe zone
  • You can set the speed limit at which you allow your children to drive his vehicle.
  • You will be immediately notified if he exceeds his speed limit with this speed tracking app.

Note: Easy functioning of GPS needs – both Internet and GPS switched ‘ON’, and stable device location on Google Maps.

 Bit Guardian Parental Control Exclusives

Which features set apart this unique child monitoring app from competitors? Well, before diving into it, you should note it serves best as a core parental controls and safeguards your kid 24/7 with various features.

Apart from that here we bring bit guardian parental control exclusives-


  • The call blocker allows you to restrict all or a few selected number of contacts on kid’s device.
  • Get complete control over the kid’s phone by restricting unwanted and harmful contacts.


  • In case of loss or theft of the device, this app acts as a location tracker by locating a kid’s device on the map
  • Ring it from your device even from remotely to locate your child’s phone(It rings even in silent mode)
  • With factory reset, we secure your kid’s data even if it is lost. You can apply a factory reset remotely from your device and restore default settings on the kid’s phone.

 Note: For factory data reset, Device Administrator permission for Bit Guardian Parental Control is required.

Pick Me Up

  • This feature lets your kid send his location details to your device so that you can pick him up from his exact location
  • Be an allrounder parent by helping your kid even in ungodly hours with this tool

Note:Kids can send a request to unblock apps, adjust time flexibility, or unblock the Google Play Store. You can either allow or deny such requests.


Why Should You Use the Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

Protecting kids in the digital spectrum is getting tougher day by day. Today, there are multiple ways to fool or allure a child and lead him towards harmful digital content. And parents are left with only a handful of options to protect their kids from such temptations.

As a parent, you need secure, effective, and easy to use child monitoring app, which can proactively safeguard the apple of your eyes-your kids.

Bit Guardian Parental Control can be your one-stop solution to combat kid’s excessive digital addiction.

A Parenting Perk To Wrap Up!

As we are the first generation to parent digital age, we must set digital ground rules in our family.

And with this said, we encourage you to stop using a cellphone as an active babysitter! No parent will choose to cage his kid’s childhood with lousy habits and limited real-life social interaction.

Instead of that, you should insist on your children to play sports or to enjoy ground games. Such a few hours of real-life engagement will boost his social and cognitive attitude.

Meanwhile, you must take a break from parenting. Only a happy parent can raise a happy kid.

Therefore, being a couch potato if you love to rest, enjoy reading if it’s your hobby, or you may take a movie break snacking on all your favorite fries!

Don’t forget that even during these breaks, you can actively eye on your kids with parental control app!

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