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5 Best Extended Enterprise Training LMS

Extended enterprise training is corporate learning for stakeholders outside a company. In other words, extended enterprise training targets non-employees. Its main aim is to induce measurable behavioral change in the target audience.

Today, interconnection is a vital part of the market. If you run a business, there are a multitude of stakeholders who need to be a part of such an interconnected network to make it successful. These stakeholders include:

  • Service technicians 
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • External Distribution Partners
  • Customers
  • Sales representatives


The collective sum of these stakeholders is called an extended enterprise.


The idea behind this is to provide knowledge about your products, services, vision, ethics, and values. It bridges the information gap about your company in your interconnected network. A more informed extended enterprise can make a huge difference for your business. 


An extended enterprise training LMS can strengthen the brand image of a company. It can also give you an edge over your competition. You can easily train your extended enterprise using a good LMS tool. 


Here, we will list the five best Extended Enterprise Training LMS. You can compare their features and crosscheck them with your learning goals to make the right choice. These are:

1.LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon aims to deliver learning experiences that guarantee long-term success. It was created keeping in mind the extended enterprise. It delivers learning programs for employers, partners, and customers. Its capability to streamline and centralize learning programs across your organization’s network is its USP.

 It offers a user-centric experience in all training programs. It is simple to use and very intuitive. It can automate repetitive tasks in the learning process. Thus, it helps save time and improves overall performance.

 It allows training managers/course curators to create unique learning experiences for each set of people. It is easily configurable and thus, helps in updating courses with changing needs.


Docebo’s Extended Enterprise LMS works on AI-powered learning. Docebo’s learning programs can engage your partners and increase their alignment with your brand. Its certification programs add more value to the training process.

It helps generate more revenue by opening the option to sell learning content. Its AI can reduce admin times through automation. It can automatically tag content to improve the categorization of the learning material.

You can also create multiple custom domains and implement multiple authentication mechanisms. It allows you to add customized branding elements to each domain to differentiate between them.


3.Tovuti LMS

Tovuti is a white-label, trusted, and industry-leading LMS. It can be easily scaled even for large-scale organizations. This is because of its cloud computing architecture, which is easy to find for everyone. 

 It can easily overlap and interact with software environments such as CRMs, HRIS(Human Resource Information Systems), and analytics platforms. It offers this capability because of its flexible SSO(single sign-on) and API integrations. 

 Its eLearning creation suite comes with a plethora of features. These features enable course creators the ability to create engaging learning content. It also allows you to add interactive elements to the learning programs. 

4.Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime is a highly customizable LMS. It offers autonomy to various stakeholders of your extended enterprise. It guides them through structured learning paths. These are made possible by the reusability of modules across various courses. 

 You can separately track learner performance by dividing them into customized user groups. You can easily migrate your users and data from a different LMS to Adobe Captivate Prime. 

 It also allows managers to access consolidated summaries of their indirect and indirect teams. These summaries contain important insights to help improve learning outcomes. 


TalentLMS is a highly adaptable and versatile learning platform. You can use it to create and track learning modules for all stakeholders in your extended enterprise. It allows learners to access their courses from the cloud.

Its single training portal is sufficient to train different groups of people. These could be various departments, partners, customers, and more. It can help break learning barriers through its support for over 38 different languages. You can also create language-specific groups. 


You can train your extended enterprise well by choosing the LMS that suits you best. 


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