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Do You Really Need a CSPO® Certification? Your Questions Answered 

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)® is a globally recognized certification intended for individuals interested in the “business side” of projects and maximizing the value of products resulting from the development team. In the current scenario, all businesses are adopting Agile methods and hiring employees who can understand the organization’s spending patterns and the exact needs of the customers. These individuals also need to manage business intelligence, enhance growth and products and most importantly, manage product quality. This is why companies require individuals who are Certified Scrum Product Owners. They are the experts who can help companies get things done exactly how they want to. 

Individuals who are experts in Scrum methodologies can successfully crack the CSPO® exam. They are employees on the business side of product development, ensuring that the product is released on time. One of their primary responsibilities also includes satisfying all stakeholders. According to various surveys, 90% of all modern teams today use Scrum, so the demand for CSPO® certification holding product owners has increased tremendously in recent years. Product owner certification holders are present on all Agile teams to ensure early ROI and maximize business value. According to Scrum Alliance, the globally recognized body that awards CSPO® certification – 

  • 38% of all product owners are responsible for maintaining relationships with stakeholders and act as an intermediary. 
  • 15% of all product owners work with the Scrum team directly. 
  • 24% of product owners work with customers directly and set project business priorities. 

A CSPO® certification validates and endorses an individual’s Scrum expertise and enables them to take on the role of a product owner and the responsibilities that come along, including leading successful projects and ensuring high-velocity releases of products that are high-value and marketable. 

There are various individual benefits of acquiring a CSPO® certification: 

  • Widening your career scope with the knowledge of Agile practices that are popular worldwide 
  • Actively networking with a large number of Agile practitioners through Scrum Alliance membership 
  • Creating a better product with the implementation of Scrum in the team 
  • Stacking the top in-demand Scrum skills as well as demonstrating your Scrum knowledge 

A Certified Scrum Product Owner can also benefit their organization in the following ways: 

  • Helping team members deliver a high-value product 
  • Spreading the adoption of Scrum practices as well as helping others gel into the Agile mindset 
  • Defining product vision and directing team members to yield high-value products as a result 
  • Carrying out smooth communication between team members and stakeholders 

To become a Certified Scrum Product Owner, an individual would need to first understand fundamental Scrum concepts and terminologies. They can refer to the Scrum Guide and Agile Manifesto to prepare themselves for the product owner certification. After preparing, they would have to attend the two-day CSPO® certification course taught by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs). After completing the product owner certification course, you would receive your CSPO® licence and certification. 


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