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5 Nifty Tips To Evaluate The Growth Of New Joiners

The new candidates joining your organization are apprehensive in the initial days and seem a little clueless. Not only do they worry about the organizational culture, but also take their own sweet time to adjust to the environment, workflow and norms of the company. However, despite the newness and lack of experience, you cannot ignore the criticality of productivity that even the newbies are supposed to exhibit and maintain. As soon as there is a new admission in the company, profiles, KRAs, roles and responsibilities are determined. Above all, employers are investing finances in them, so they expect better ROI and outputs. Now the challenge is, how to analyze if the freshers are growing professionally after all the arrangements you have been making to comfort and develop them?

Mentioned below are some of the impeccable ways to check whether a newly recruited employee is growing under your roof or just chilling at the workplace:

KPI Achievement Rate

In the very beginning of employment, KPIs are established for each member of the team in order to track their performances and facilitate the conclusion of a yearly review. For finding out the rate of development, checking out the amount of participation in growth-oriented events and the level of comprehension among the newbies after a certain period of time, you can always turn to the KPIs and check individual growth from the same record.

Adaptability To KRAs

It is an easy task for you to check whether the new employees are adhering to their assigned KRAs and performing their daily roles with dedication or not. Getting easily and quickly adapted to the regular responsibilities is a sign of steady growth and positive output. So, if the new human resource is capable of managing the daily tasks easily, you have nothing to worry about their growth and productivity.

Participation In Meetings/ Discussions

You need to observe how actively the new employees take part in individual/ group discussions and meetings. You can check their level of interest by noting the questions raised, the suggestions given and the ideas devised during such sessions. This is a huge sign of engrossment and learning among the new joiners, thereby supporting the fact that they are willing to acquire knowledge.

Response After Trainings

New recruits always feel the risk of receiving a probation extension letter. They try to gather maximum information from the organized upskilling sessions for maintaining a decent performance. So, you can analyze the uplift in their performances after conducting training, workshops and knowledge sharing events for the new hires. If the

Frequency Of Winning Contests

This is by far the best way to analyze employee development. You can organize small tests, quizzes and competitions to track the performance of the new joiners. If an employee is continuously failing to attain a decent score or maintain a good show, he/ she is apparently not growing. On the other hand, someone who is consistently succeeding with flying colors is definitely learning and grooming skills.

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