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Six Best Reputation Management Companies of 2021

In the current digital and information era, our reputation has a lot of influence on your business’s success. Our reputation is about how customers view your brand and what they say about it. A positive reputation increases the potential for successful business operations. Moreover, about 88% of customers nowadays search for your products, services, and brands online before purchasing. Therefore, your startup or existing business needs to build and maintain a positive reputation.

The digital era has also witnessed the rise of reputation management companies that offer effective approaches and reputation management tools. There are many reputation management companies available, and this calls for criteria to select the best. 

What Is an Ideal Reputation Management Company?

You risk making your reputation worse if you hire the wrong reputation management company. It would help to get a company that makes use of proactive and reactive reputation management strategies. However, it is better to get one whose approach is more proactive than reactive.

1.Reactive Reputation Management Approach

Traditional reputation management strategies were mainly reactive. A reactive approach entails managing an incident or content that affects your brand image negatively. Some reactive strategies include:

  • Legal notice to take down content
  • Deleting the content
  • Burying the content

2.Proactive Reputation Management Approach

Proactive strategies focus on customer satisfaction to generate a positive reputation. Some proactive strategies include:

  • Creating reliable and accurate content 
  • Respond to customer queries and feedback
  • Optimizing your profiles 
  • It helps you build relationships
  • It acknowledges that reputation management is an ongoing activity 
  • The company is an expert in local search to understand your customer needs. Research shows that local searches’ growth rate is 50% faster than the rate of mobile searches 

The Best Reputation Management Available Today

1. BizIQ

BizIQ is a smart local marketing company from Phoenix, Arizona. We offer services that make a business more visible to customers, connect with them, and grow. Our services include search engine optimization, including local SEO, website design and development, local brand management, paid media management, design and branding, content marketing, and social media marketing. 

As your reputation manager, we help your business to gain customer feedback and build a positive brand image with our industry leading online reputation management service

We leverage the expertise of various tools and our professionals to achieve various goals, such as:

  • Keep you aware of reputation alerts
  • Collect positive feedback
  • Manage negative feedback

BizIQ has worked with over 20,000 companies of different sizes and from various industries. Some of the industries we work with include automotive, education, beauty, entertainment and recreation, franchise, construction, and more.

2. InboundJunction

InboundJunction is a company that helps startups, Enterprises, B2C, and B2B companies to optimize their online presence. They offer services like SEO review management, influencer marketing and thought leadership amplification, and content marketing. As a reputation management company InboundJunction will:

  • Promote your brand through their network of publications, bloggers, influencers, and editors
  • Monitor your mentions and respond appropriately
  • Handle the legal work to remove content with legal violations

InboundJunction has a success-based compensation model. Their website claims that you only pay when they succeed.


Thrive is a reputation management and repair service agency. They mostly focus on the aspects of the online review of reputation. As a reputation management agency, Thrive mainly helps small businesses to:

  • Generates more reviews 
  • Win new customers over
  • Bury negative press

Thrive does not offer the legal services of reputation management. However, they have experience working with small business clients for both start-ups and existing businesses. Some of their customers include Nationwide Construction, Max mechanical, and more.

4.Reputation Rhino

Reputation Rhino is an agency that offers online reputation management services to individuals, small and midsize businesses. They also offer internet marketing and brand management services, facilitating the delivery of reputation management services. These services include SEO, social media management, web development, PPC, and more.

 Reputation rhino has a notable reputation management service. They can remove negative reviews about your business from online review sites like Google Images, Rip-off Report, Glassdoor, and more. Reputation Rhino also offers a money-back guarantee to its clients.

5.Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital is a marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including influencer marketing and SEO content marketing web design, web development, online reputation management, and more. They have worked with notable brands like monster GEICO survey monkey and more. Go Fish Digital categorizes its reputation management Solutions into:

  • Brand Building 
  • Brand repair 
  • Brand protection 

They will offer a custom solution to address the needs of your business fully. Moreover, they can help remove negative reviews on Yelp. They make an argument to Yelp on your behalf for the removal of these reviews.


WebiMax is a highly successful digital marketing agency. They offer a custom solution for every client, and they have a 97% client retention rate as a result. WebiMax offers the following reputation management solutions:

  • A custom reputation management strategy 
  • Remove or bury negative remarks 
  • Promote a positive brand image 
  • Confidentiality through a non-disclosure agreement 
  • Custom pricing
  • Crisis management

WebiMax is a highly proactive agency because it observes Google’s algorithm changes and evolves to match them. It is a strategy that helps WebiMax to have a positive impact on your brand’s online presence.

Receive Professional Help with Your SEO Efforts

If you work with a professional agency like BizIQ for reputation management and other SEO efforts, you should anticipate openness and transparency, consistent communication, and involvement in plan formulation. Reputation management is a single element of search engine optimization, and it takes a lot of time and requires some professionalism. Therefore, it will make sense if you get professional help with your entire SEO efforts for better results. 

BizIQ offers various digital marketing services, including SEO, local brand management content marketing and social media marketing website design, and more. Contact us today at (888)416-9800 to establish or grow your online presence, become more visible to your customers, and grow your business. 

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