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How to Get Google Sitelinks for Your WordPress Site

Most SEO professionals prioritize sitelinks in their scheme of things for various reasons. The sites with the maximum number of links get the major share of a search listing. As a result, it stands out in the crowd of other websites.

Has your website gone live recently or just a few months ago? If yes, chances are you may want to get as many links as possible to improve its position in the listings. One of the first things that may cross your mind is to hire a WordPress developer.

But the solution to it lies in knowing what you can do to acquire sitelinks from Google. Though challenging, you can acquire this feat easily with careful planning and proper implementation. In this post, we will expound on Google sitelinks and their importance. Also, we will list ways to achieve them for your site with minimum effort.

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What are Google sitelinks?

On Google’s search engine result page, some sub-pages with links appear just below the topmost result. These links belong to the sub-pages of the website and are called Google sitelinks.

As far as the number of these links on a website is concerned, there is no hard-and-fast-rule. In terms of numbers, these links may vary from one website to the other.

The importance of Google sitelinks for a WordPress development company

If you have a WordPress development company, Google’s sitelinks on its website will help you in the following ways:

  • More sitelinks amount to better prospects in terms of click-through-rate or CTR.
  • Your target audience will find it a lot easier to navigate to the leading pages on your website.
  • It will make it easier for your target audience to find more information about your brand, thereby making it more popular among them.
  • Your brand will look more credible with Google’s sitelinks added to it.

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Ways to Provide your WordPress Website with Google Sitelinks

Here’s a list of creative ways to add Google sitelinks to your website.

  1. Be creative while naming your WordPress site

If you consider the big names that rule the roost in Google’s search rankings, they have a common element – creativity. All these sites have a creative name that is either the same as the brand to which they belong or are synonymous with it.

Unless you have a lot of money to spend on your brand to make it popular, you will need to be inventive while naming your website. This strategy will keep you on course for earning Google’s sitelinks. 

You may not need to alter your brand name if it has already established itself in the market. However, this move is surely worth a try if it is still at its initial phases.

2. Aim for the top spot on the page of Google with search engine results

The website of your brand needs to be on Google’s SERP to convince Google to assign its sitelinks to your website.

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Adhere to Google’s SEO guidelines without fail to get into Google’s good books and grab one of the top spots on its SERPs. 

3. Ensure the data linked to your website is in line with the best SEO practices

Search engines have their own way of ranking websites. While a lot depends on the SEO guidelines, which vary from one search engine to the other, database search programs like Google use crawlers. 

This is precisely where structured data can be a big gamechanger for a website. Think about adding Yoast and other similar WordPress plugins.

A website with well-structured content comes across as an easy-to-understand site to search engine robots of Google. As a spin-off, it increases the likelihood of a website to get Google sitelinks.

4. Keep the navigation of your website simple and straightforward

Website navigation is important not only for the movement of visitors to different pages on a website but also for Google to find its way to it. 

Want Google to take a note of your website and provide it with backlinks? Make a point of organizing the primary pages on your WordPress site in proper order.

5. Make a point of linking your site internally

Adding backlinks to the internal pages of a WordPress site is one of the best policies to rank it on Google search results. The SEO guidelines published by the world’s largest search engine attaches great importance to backlinks.

When placing a website on the top of its search results, Google takes the backlinks used on its pages into consideration.

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6. Use titles that correspond to the keywords in the content of your WordPress site pages

Have you planned to go with the on-page SEO option? If yes, then you need to ensure the page titles on your site are in line with your keywords. This is your best bet to not only improve the rankings of your chosen keywords but also generate sitelinks form Google.

Final thoughts

The whole concept of Google sitelinks and the procedure to earn them on a WordPress website is centered on creativity. Now that you have come to know about it, try out the aforementioned ways to get it for your website so as to make it popular among your target audience.

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