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Free Audit and Analyze your website score with online utilities

Website Audit is an analysis of all those factors that impact a website’s visibility in different search engines. The primary purpose of a website audit is to examine the presence and value of some essential SEO features, such as:

  1. Speed of the website, 
  2. Readability of your content,
  3. keyword optimization, 
  4. link building or number and quality of backlinks
  5. incorporated imagery, etc. 

In simple words, a website audit is a kind of website SEO test, and you can determine the SEO of your website by using an SEO checker online.

Types of Website Audits

Website Audits has many different shapes and sizes. Every website audit provides an overall SEO score out of 100%. You can pay any digital marketing agency for a website audit or use any free website audit tool and SEO checker.

SEO Score

 A specific SEO score out of 100 gives you an indication of your chosen URL ranking for your particular keyword. SEO score or a website score is an overall grade for all of your on-page SEO by analyzing the readability of your content for search engine algorithms and internet users. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right keywords for your website audit. You want to ensure you analyze your SEO score via SEO checker for some specific phrases that your potential customers use in Google to find your products and services. 

Good and bad SEO score

  1. 90 to 100% is known as an Excellent SEO score. 
  2. 80 to 90% comes under the category of Very Good SEO scores. 
  3. 70 to 80% is an Average SEO score. 
  4. Below 70% will be known as a Low SEO score and indicate the need for some modifications. 

Importance of SEO Score

A good SEO score will indicate that your website is working and ranking well among different search engines. All those Websites that have high SEO scores get more traffic or consumers. Consequently, their business will grow more. Your SEO score also indicates how easy it is for potential ‘ready to spend’ customers to find your products and services online. If your score is lower, then it will be harder for people to find your website. 

In this online world of the internet, most clients search for products or services online through search engines; an SEO score is vital. Take help from an SEO checker to improve your rank among your competitors. 

Online utilities to audit and analyze your website score

Some tools are available online and provide the services of free audit and analyze your SEO score. Via such online tools, it will be easy for you to know where you need to modify your website design or content to get more traffic. Some online free utilities are:


Whenever you need to check the SEO score for your site, Enter the domain name or URL in this online SEO checker and click “Check SEO Score.” Consequently, you will get the results within a few moments. SEO analysis helps you understand your data SEO data and improve your rankings. 

This SEO tester helps you in the following aspects: 

  • You can analyze what’s going on with your website SEO on a broad level
  • You can Determine SEO issues on your website and fix them
  • You can get insight into what’s working and what’s not

Free SEO Checker by SmallSEOTools is the best option for discovering your site’s SEO metrics and status. It closely watches Google’s ranking criteria make updates in its algorithms whenever Google Site score checking algorithm makes some changes.

  • This SEO checker delivers accurate, helpful, and reliable results and generates free SEO reports and SEO Scores. 
  • This SEO checker runs a quick SEO test and displays the number of tests the site has passed, warnings, and errors within a few moments. 
  • It performs SEO Grading and Certification for your website.
  • This SEO checker analyzes the Page Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Google Search Results Preview. It also runs the Keywords Density Test, Keywords Test, Heading Status, Robots.txt Test, Sitemap Test, Broken Links Test, Underscores in Links Test, SEO Friendly URL Test. 

It takes responsibility for Domain Authority Checking, Page Authority Checking, and many more to generate a detailed and accurate audit.

This free online tool helps you to see how well your website is performing. Consequently, you will be able to fetch some tips to improve your user experience. You have to Sign in first to track your progress over time. Some features of this online SEO checker are: 

  • It Runs tests on your site. Enter the site’s URL to see how well it performs across all audits.
  • It helps you to analyze your site’s performance across the most relevant areas.
  • Every test via this tool comes with supportive steps to improve your site’s results.
  • It provides website Audits for metrics like first paint and time to interact to determine lag.
  • It helps you to Look for everything from HTTPS usage to correct image aspect ratios.
  • It Checks SEO for best practices to ensure your site must be discoverable.
  • It analyzes the Accessibility of your website and highlights the common issues that may prevent users from accessing your content.

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