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Are You Making These 4 Costly Digital Marketing Mistakes? Here’s What to Do Instead

It is important that you review your Digital Marketing strategy periodically and identify which actions are working, which need to be improved and which ones you should eliminate. Mistakes can be the best teachers, but they can also cost you too much money. That is why we invite you to know some of the most common so that you are forewarned and can avoid them.

1. Over-investing in Google and Facebook Ads

The paid ads on Facebook and Google help achieve greater reach for your marketing campaign, provided you follow a defined strategy. It is common to think that more ads will produce better results, but this is not the case.

An excess of ads could bore and annoy your audience, causing them to lose interest in your brand. Ads should be a complement and not a central part of the strategy.

2. Not understanding your buyer persona

Your buyer persona is the one who should dictate the pattern of your Digital Marketing campaign . Defining and understanding your buyer persona will make it clear to whom your ads and publications are directed, which means that you will know how and when to get the information.

Understanding your buyer persona implies knowing their geographical location, socioeconomic status and cultural traits, but also their tastes, aspirations, consumption habits and behavior on the web. These data will help you define which are the hours with the highest traffic and take advantage of them to publish on social networks, what type of networks are the favorites of each type of buyer persona, if they prefer written content or visual formats such as images and videos.

3. Don’t use retargeting

If you’ve been viewing a product from a website and a few minutes later an ad about the same product appears on another page, it means that the company in question has used retargeting . Retargeting is a technique within Digital Marketing that increases the possibilities to generate leads and increase your sales.

Avoid losing those users who have visited your page only once, you can continue to capture their attention and impact them with ads of what they were looking for while they visit other websites.

4. Don’t promote your content

The contents are made to be seen and read, but simply publishing them on your social networks or on your blog does not guarantee that they will reach the expected audience. This is normal when we bear in mind the large amount of information that circulates on the Internet.

If when you publish content you notice that you get few reactions from users, you must be creative, take advantage of the different channels that are available and draw attention so that your buyer persona wants to read you. It also takes into account the time to publish so that you take advantage of the days and hours when there is more traffic. Other tips are: use your mailing list to reach your leads, as they already have a certain loyalty to your brand, use the hashtags of the moment and rely on influencers to reach more people.

5. Don’t optimize your keywords

Keywords are a very important factor in Content Marketing because they position your publications in search engines to make them available to more readers. Use a special tool like Keywordtool to find the most effective ones.

It also investigates the trends of the moment, those news and topics that are giving something to talk about, so that you can generate your content and include these topics in your keywords, being intuitive and thinking about how users will search for them.

6. Over-publishing

You must ensure that there is a balance in your content marketing strategy. Posts should be consistent and sufficient to capture the public’s attention. But they also have to leave your followers wanting more. If you post too much, you run the risk of overwhelming the public and you will appear desperate, which negatively influences the image of your company.

Now you know: knowing your buyer persona can help you find the right channels and media to promote them and reach more audiences. The user wants to see relevant content, but with the right measure and he likes to feel respected, without irrelevant ads that harass him. Remember to use retargeting because it allows you to offer something that in itself interests you.

These are the most common mistakes, but remember that there can always be flaws in any marketing strategy and you shouldn’t be discouraged if they do occur. Face them and learn from them to keep improving.

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