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5 Incredible Tips to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital world, the customer experience evolves every day , both the devices, such as connectivity, digital tools or the most popular platforms used by internet users, are constantly updated and that means that companies must evolve too.

You can always carry out actions that allow you to stay abreast of new trends and changes in the digital environment, here I show you some tips to boost your digital marketing strategy.

Prepare a specific budget for the digital strategy.

One of the main mistakes when carrying out an effective digital strategy is the lack of a specific budget for this area, generally it is something residual from what the actions of the commercial, marketing or sales department leave behind. Many companies think that since they do not have prior information or have not had a digital culture, it is better to do individual things, see performance and then evaluate, but if there is no prior budget we will not be able to analyze the results, you will not be able to justify your boss the work you have done to improve the visibility of the brand on the internet, or the contacts that contribute your online actions. That is why the first thing you should do is close a budget that later allows you to evaluate the costs of customer acquisition or the contribution of digital marketing to the volume of sales.

SEO search engine optimization as a fundamental pillar of the strategy.

If my experience in years working for the internet has taught me something, it is that organic traffic can make the difference to a successful strategy , it is undeniable that due to the volume of users who are launched every day to search for information on the network through search engines, is where the opportunities are to attract potential customers. But the SEO strategy also evolves every day and that implies dedicating a part of the digital marketing plan to search engine optimization in an evolutionary way , that is, trying to analyze and improve constantly. If you don’t dedicate time and financial resources to this part, you have less chance that your target audience will find you.

As almost always in most businesses, they believe that there are magic formulas to get in the first results of the searches or that there are external services that for 100 or 200 euros a month are responsible for placing you in the first positions without having to do nothing else, again, we return to a problem of philosophy of wanting to bet on the real digitization of the company or not.

Before starting, review your website, its construction and preparation for SEO, analyze the keywords that you want to position, those that are important for your business, start with primary business positioning keywords and then you will go deeper into longtail keywords to improve the positioning in specific niches of your contact acquisition strategy. Build your website from the perspective of aligning your business objectives with keywords, navigation and conversion on your website , don’t start creating your strategy by filling out a design template. You can find more information about web positioning here.

Generate quality content for your audience.

It is a logical question and of pure probability, the more opportunities you launch on the Internet, the more likely you will be found , if you also do it by publishing content of value for your audience, things that serve to alleviate their worries, to help in their day to day, etc, you will be able to attract higher quality contacts for your business strategy.

Including a content strategy in your digital marketing plan allows you to create content focused on your business objectives , analyze key terms, and prioritize when preparing new content, formats or channels for dissemination. In this other article we help you see how content marketing is key for industries.

Plan your conversion paths.

It seems incredible, but most of the web pages of the companies do not have defined the conversion paths of their business objectives . In addition to creating content and promoting it through different means, one must guide their digital strategy to capture new business opportunities, which come at different times in their purchasing process. That is why you must include in your digital marketing plan a study and development of the ways to achieve the conversion of your contacts in the different stages of their purchase process.. A correct use of calls to action, both on the web and in the different means of communication with the contact will help you facilitate access to your audience towards the conversion objective. Do not stop analyzing and trying new things, update your CTAs (Call to action), their locations, formats, forms, texts, creativity or the general strategy to optimize the performance of calls to action.

Use different forms depending on the phase of the purchase process through which your contact may arrive, the type of information that they can leave you is not the same if they do not know you or if they have already related to you in different commercial contact points. You can also use smart forms that allow you to display different fields depending on the visitor data you have in your CRM platform.

Boost your content to increase reach.

Currently investing some money in paid media is not a choice , you have to define the strategy well to know what we need to promote and in what media. Nowadays the convergence of media on the internet is vital to execute digital marketing plans , the mixture of own media (web, blog, social networks, landing pages, cta, etc.), with paid media (Search engine ads, advertising in social networks, affiliation networks, display network, etc …) and earned media (SEO, comments, conversations, news, etc.) should provide the balance to focus your business strategy and help meet your business objectives.

It may seem obvious, but you should evaluate the most frequent questions of your target audience with well-prepared and valuable answers geared towards your business management. After analyzing the behavior of the buyer persona during the time he is connected to the internet, you choose the most appropriate distribution channels to reach him. Both social media and Google advertising offer a wide range of options to segment and help your offers reach the right audience.

Evaluate results and return on investment (ROI).

The content marketing strategy has the ability to generate sales, save costs and retain customers. There are many things you can do to attract quality leads, but you need to make sure you select the best metrics to assess business growth for your business.

Generally, companies do not define their objectives well, do not find the appropriate KPI’s and do not establish control times . Each main business objective must have basic metrics that help determine the success of the strategy, and each of your goals can have different indicators. But you should also try to guide the metrics so that they add value to you in sales management, such as with the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). You can calculate it by taking into account the total customer acquisition costs and dividing it by the number of acquired customers.

Use professional digital marketing tools.

It seems that companies have no problem investing a lot of money in professional production tools, but they find it difficult to invest in digital marketing tools, they believe that everything on the internet can be done for free and automatically. This is a very serious mistake, most companies are losing opportunities, time and resources by not using the right tools. For example, with the use of a good CRM that helps to monitor and care for business contacts. If you have integrated a customer relationship management system well, you will be getting more sales opportunities for your business.

There are many elements that go into developing a strong and effective digital marketing strategy . Taking your strategy in a new direction may seem like a challenge, but if you put these tips into practice, you will be taking steps on the right track, creating a forward-thinking marketing plan that will produce results in no time.

If you are thinking of giving a boost to your digital strategy and you consider that you need more help, do not hesitate to contact our experts and we will help you develop your business on the internet.

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