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5 ways to create a learning culture within your software team

Are your developers updated with the latest tech trends?

Learning is an integral part of growing and when you are in the technology field you have to remain on the edge of your chair.

While you were reading this, there might be something new that constantly growing technology has brought to the world, but is your team curious about what’s that has just entered the tech-planet?

If NO, then it’s time you start bringing that culture into your organization as the most important thing that can drive you towards the business growth is the intellectual learning skills that your employees have and the organizational learning and growing culture.

Yes, to grow your business well you must have healthy and proactive employees who are always eager to learn something new and have the ability to ask the right questions. But how can these employees get into this routine of learning?

The only solution to this is by giving them a happy and healthy learning environment. Read further to know how to build such a culture for them.

1) Honest and constructive feedback

The first step to learning starts from the feedback sessions. Before jumping into the process of improving knowledge, it’s very important that your team members know where they stand in terms of knowledge and improvisation concerning the outer world.

A person can not think about improving his skills if he is unaware of his limitations. In a world full of sugar-coated leaders, you have to create an impression where you can tell the truth about their performances with negative feedback. These words might make them get those learning vibes back.

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Make sure your feedback is constructive. Don’t just speak but mean what you are speaking. Your feedback must be worth a conclusion where you make them aware of where the knowledge gap is, and that might help them understand what they don’t know.


2) Make learning an interesting process 

Learning might not seem interesting to everyone, to make your employees involved in this process you have to make it more engaging by organizing some entertaining stuff.

Tell your employees to get prepared for the strict 10 minutes routine in which they have to share the latest news that they have seen or read. This conversational learning process can result in fruitful knowledge sharing session where each of your employees would get 10-15 new updates which otherwise they would miss.

Knowledge growing and corporate team building activities are the basic steps that you can take to make a learning culture. Moreover, one can also bring a modernized change in the way technical training is given to the employees, like replacing the in-house training with virtual reality and turning the PPT training into games sessions. This way they can practically be in touch with the latest gadgets and also get the necessary knowledge.

3) Get your team the right resources for development

Your team might be having some extraordinary people who are always eager to do some new experiments testing their knowledge and skills.

Make sure such talents get the right resources to perform their operations. Listen to their idea, ask them what resources they would need to get it implemented, make efforts to provide them with all.

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Your small help can make an impression among them that you do care about their efforts and the organization is in full support to such outstanding approaches that can generate good results and can be an innovation on its own.

4) Reward the learners and innovators

The best way to make someone feel enthusiastic about learning something new is by appreciating them for their past knowledge or just giving a bribe of a reward to the one with the best knowledge in the niche.

Make teams, organize the debates, let them speak-up their viewpoints about the subject, give a reward or award to the winner of the debate. Organize such activities every end of the month so that it doesn’t affect the routine deliveries and targets.

The small rewards might trigger the competitive side of your members which lead them to gain as much as the knowledge that they can to get the reward. Apart from the knowledge, they will also get a chance to do something different from their routine and hectic schedules.


 5) Let them get a practical understanding

The developers are often said to work like a machine. Yes, this is true, before starting a project, the project managers brief the team to make them understand what the product is all about and what are the expectations of the client.

But here the most important thing that the developers don’t get is the real-life understanding of how the product works in the market. This is also a part of the learning process as once the people working on the project get the idea about the products real-time usage, there would be a great difference seen in the product that they could deliver.

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Their learnings and observations can get them new ideas to implement in their website or application in terms of look and feel as well as they can suggest the features that can be implementable and profitable for the specific product.

You can also help them get the right exposure to the competitive world by helping them to participate in different tech events where they can meet and learn from experts from different parts of the world.

Summing up: 

Investing in improving your employee’s skills can be a win-win situation as your employees will be in a continuous effort to get productive outputs which in turn will help the company to gain more customers.

Nurturing curiosity and positive learning behaviour can also act as a good employee retention technique as the employee will not feel to leave the office looking at their own knowledge growth.

Thus, involving in the growth process of your employees by giving them the right learning culture with your honest feedback or by organizing some interactive learning sessions can help them make the progress you always wanted to see in them. So start implementing the above tactics to re-enforcing constructive learning attitude in your employees.

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