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5 ways to create a learning culture within your software team

There is no doubt that the future of companies is linked to automation. We automate to sell, control inventories, manage customer data, attract the best talent and stop counting. The learning of collaborators does not escape the power of the click, companies today can rely on LMS learning platforms with which to encourage learning and constant growth in your teams, but how to create a learning culture (e-learning) in your company and not die trying? This is what we will learn today in this post.

There are many challenges that employers can face when creating a learning culture in their companies, one of them is the fear that some employees feel that machines will steal the talent of humans. But this does not have to be that alarming, it is enough to adapt human skills to meet the needs of tomorrow and the key to this lies in learning.

People must be trained to learn to use technology to their advantage, rather than losing their jobs to them. By combining the empathic, sensitive, deductive and emotional capacities of people with the powerful capacities of machines to access a future where no job is threatened but enriched , great things can be achieved.

Let’s look at some tips to create a strong e-learning culture in your company :

The learning culture is everyone’s business and is born from above. It is impossible to promote a culture of learning in an organization when it does not have the support of its leaders. It is these people who should with their actions, values ​​and communication shape the attitude of employees , promote continuous learning and reward the acquisition of new skills.

  • Use everyday tools

The company that wants to promote constant and lasting learning must rely on tools that employees already know and use in their personal lives, offering content how and when they prefer it and through their favorite channel or any LMS platform that is friendly in their use.

  • Values ​​and celebrates learning

One of the main flaws that many employers have with respect to their learning initiatives is that they are perceived as a punishment, a mandatory requirement that takes time and is useless. To be successful on this path, it is important to encourage and applaud the efforts of employees to develop themselves and train to reach their full potential.

The learning culture is much more than putting training materials within the reach of employees, celebrate each achievement of your team!

  • Flexibility

It is important that the content is available at any time, which means that the user can access it according to their time convenience and according to their learning pace and proposed objectives.

Remember that not all people learn in the same way , subjecting your employees to a certain schedule and content during the learning only generates rejection. Being flexible promotes active user participation in the process and makes the training process personalized.

  • Comfort

Another tip that is valuable to promote an online learning culture in your company without dying in the attempt is to support yourself with tools that are comfortable for both trainers and students . Ideally, the user can consult the educational program from anywhere they have the necessary equipment, avoiding that they have to travel to other places to access the training.

This can also help companies reduce costs, avoid logistical inconveniences and absences at the office. Everyone wins!

  • Upgrade

A good learning culture must be supported by up-to-date content that responds to the challenges that professionals face on a day-to-day basis . This can be difficult when training in a traditional way, but thanks to new technologies and LMS platforms, companies can update content automatically, simply, cheaply and quickly thanks to the digital format and the connection in the cloud.

There is no doubt that carrying out e-learning processes in companies not only changes the culture within them but also adds to it, turning the training processes into an inclusive scenario for the team of collaborators in the organizations. Take into account these tips to create an E-learning learning culture in your company and do not be afraid to rely on specialized technologies to achieve this, such as an LMS platform or learning management system.

A learning management system (LMS) is a resource that provides benefits for both the company and your collaborators, this is a tool that allows accessibility to learning plans, accelerates strategic learning , reduces recurring training cycles, reduces turnover and the skills gap, encourages collaboration and knowledge, etc.

Consider the opportunity to acquire this type of technology and adopt continuous learning as part of your organizational culture . Remember that the work of your collaborators is essential to achieve success and to the extent that they are more prepared and trained, they will bring better results, increase efficiency and be more successful.


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