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5 Best Social Media Marketing Hacks for Your Business

The world of social marketing is exploding with exciting new possibilities and advantages for your business. More people are logging onto their social networking profiles to keep connected with friends, family, and the “neighborhood.” Social media allows your customers to interact with you and understand your company in a completely new light. However, there are still many people who do not understand the benefits of a social network strategy for their business, or how to make the most of their profile pages. If you find yourself becoming frustrated with this process, here are five of the best social media marketing hacks for your business:

Add an interesting, engaging personality to your business page. This can be accomplished through anything from an easy to use picture upload or adding graphics, videos, music, and even a short personal message. There are no limitations on the type of content that you can add to your profile, although it’s always a good idea to keep your business and personal brand consistent. When adding these types of features, make sure that you also update all the buttons, status bars, and other elements that are used on your page. You can spice up your social marketing by simply adding some fun features to your page!

Add a voice to your business. A lot of business owners decide to take their social media efforts into a whole new direction. Instead of just posting links to their business, they begin posting blogs, videos, status updates, and even games and applications. As you can probably tell, this takes a bit of thinking outside the box. However, it’s a great way to get your online presence known in a completely new way that can really help you build a brand.

Use a photo or video to showcase your business. This has proven to be one of the most effective social media strategies for businesses. If you haven’t already created a video or a photo for your business page, then you need to do it now! People love to see photos and videos that are either live or ones that have some sort of creative element. Adding a picture is not only a great way to get people to notice your business more, but it’s also a great way to turn an average looking photo into something unique and fun!

Try to get involved with other businesses. You can use social networking sites to share information about your business with other businesses, and vice versa! This is a fantastic way to help spread the word about your business without ever having to spend a dime on advertising!

Start with your blog, but go much deeper than that. Share articles with other blogs, participate in discussions and comment on everything that happens on your page. Make sure to take full advantage of Google’s tools to optimize your blog so that you can attract more visitors.

Get involved with groups that are related to your business. Most social networking sites have group sections where you can interact with people who share the same business or interests as you. It’s amazing how much a simple Facebook or Twitter post can bring up! If you have a business that is crafty, be sure to tag pictures from local events or family gatherings that are related to your craft. This is a great way to give people a peek into what you do!

The most important thing to remember about these best social media marketing hacks for your business is that they don’t cost anything. In fact, they can help you save tons of money! For example, if you use your blog to post content, you may actually be able to get ads on your page or even be able to sell ads on your blog! If you share photos on your page, you can ask people to like them so that you can put their photos on your page and earn some commissions off of them. Social media marketing is all about sharing, and it doesn’t cost you anything to get started!

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