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5 apps on your phone you can’t live without

In today’s society, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. There has been an impressive development of mobile technology over the past decade and today, almost everyone who owns a mobile device has a smartphone. The two main operating systems on smartphones, Apple and Android, are popular all over the world, and both operating systems keep developing and improving. Apple recently launched the new iPhone 12 while Android recently launched a new Samsung Galaxy. Our phones have become an indispensable part of our lives because we no longer just use the phone to call or text someone. Instead, we now use our phones for many other purposes as well, and the phone has become an indispensable and handy tool that we can use wherever we are in our busy lives. New apps are constantly being developed so it is possible to use your phone for all aspects of your everyday life, no matter if you need to use it for work, to play music, check your emails or find your way. In the article below, we have listed five apps on your phone that we believe you can’t live without.

Internet browser

It is almost impossible to live without an internet browser on your phone because you can use it for many purposes. Having an internet browser on your phone makes it so much easier when you have to search for something on Google or you have to find a specific website because you don’t need to have your computer nearby in order to be able to find what you need. Maybe you need to look for a specific recipe or you want to play lottery India. No matter what you need to find, the internet browser on your phone can help you within a few seconds. Most smartphones already come with an internet browser, but otherwise it is also possible for you to download other internet browsers through the app store on your phone.

Social media apps

Almost every person who owns a smartphone is also a user of social media. Therefore, it is difficult to live without any social media app on your phone because it is so much easier to use social media on your phone than using your computer for it. There are many social media apps out there, and some of the most popular social media apps are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Maybe you don’t use all of these social media apps, but there is a great chance that you use at least one of them. Social media has many great advantages, and it is an easy way to get in touch with your friends and family and follow their lives.


Lots of people also use their phone for work, especially when they are on the go and don’t have a computer nearby. For this purpose, the Gmail app is pretty indispensable. Gmail allows you to keep track of your emails no matter where you are, and you can send and receive emails whenever you want and wherever you are. When you have the Gmail app on your phone, you can be sure to never miss out on any important emails because you have access to your emails all the time. If you seriously believe that you can live without the Gmail app on your phone, we would be quite impressed.

Google Maps

If you are able to live without Google Maps on your phone, we will also be very impressed. Google Maps can help you find your way wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection on your phone. There will without a doubt come a time in your life where you need help to find your way, especially if you are on vacation and have trouble finding your way. In times where your inner compass is not really working, Google Maps is here to rescue you so you don’t spend too much time being lost at whatever location you are at. Today, you don’t really see anyone using a physical map anymore and if you do, it is mostly elderly people who are not really trained to use smartphones.


Last app that we believe you can’t live without on your phone is Spotify or any other app where you can listen to music. There are so many situations in your everyday life where you can use Spotify, for example if you are riding the bus, going for a walk, cleaning your home or just hanging out with friends. By listening to music on your Spotify app, you can keep yourself entertained while you do other things at the same time. The way you are listening to music has definitely changed throughout the years. Previously, you would listen to music on the stereo or a ghetto blaster. Then the iPod was developed so you could listen to music on the go and today, listening to music is just one out of hundreds of things you can do on your smartphone.

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