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Torrentz3 : Torrentz 3 Search Engine

If you are somewhat used to with the term known as ‘torrent,’ then you probably can guess about what Torrentz3 actually is. However, if you do not, then let’s learn about it a little bit. For starters, Torrentz3 is a torrent-based search engine. It is basically an extension of Torrentz2. However, in several countries, people cannot use Torrentz2 for legal reasons. So, Torrentz3 has come to rescue them.

One of the leading torrenting websites, TorrentZ3/Torrentz focuses mainly on a torrent quest. In other words, TorrentZ3 is simply a torrent search engine that extracts information from various torrent search engines and populates a huge database of torrent files besides you.

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So, yes, you have understood it correctly. It definitely works like any other torrent website out there. Here, you will be able to find almost all the movies, games, TV or web series, and many more. But, that’s not it. If you want to, then you can also download them from the website with the help of a torrent Downloader. 

Nevertheless, the administrators of the website do not upload the files directly on the website. They merely collect the files from other similar sites and stash them here. So, if the same files are available on other websites, then why would you opt for Torrentz3? Well, because this site is relatively new. Hence, it will contain fresh variants of the files. Therefore, you would not easily encounter broken apps or faulty documents. Moreover, the website will also offer you a comparatively better downloading than other sites.  

So, as we have already covered the basics of the website, now, let’s take a look at its usage. 

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Usage of Torrentz3 

As mentioned before, Torrentz3 operates like any other torrent website. You can download games, movies, videos, as well as songs from here. When talking about the films, you can get both the original as well as dubbed versions of the several shows. Also, besides the PC games, you can find the cracks for them here, which can help you to install the file properly. As the website is quite new in the market, it contains all the newly released apps too. Thus, in simpler words, Torrentz3 has almost anything and everything you need to start your day with a smile. 

However, searching and downloading files are not the only tasks that you can do in Torrentz3. Besides that, you can also become a kind of donor and upload files by yourself. For example, if you have bought an exclusive game and want to share it with others, then you can upload it on the website. Moreover, you can also get the files from other websites and upload it here to help out the other users of Torrentz3. So, it’s all about doing some charity works for your mates over the internet.


As of now, you know about the fundamentals, as well as the usage of Torrentz3. Therefore, it is time for you to know about the features of this website. 

  • Highly Responsive 

One of the best things about all the Torrentz alternatives, namely Torrentz2 and Torrentz3, is that they are very responsive. So, you can easily access the website from both your smartphone as well as your PC. You would not encounter any lags or other similar issues that might affect your experience. 

However, sometimes, when you click on a file, the website might redirect you to another third-party site, which can be mildly harmful. Thus, whenever you notice that you are being redirected somewhere else, then make sure to close the tab as soon as possible.  

  • Evasive 

The brand new Torrentz3 website uses the .onion address. Hence, it is quite evasive and will not get blocked anytime soon. Thus, if you cannot access your favorite torrent website for the legal issues in your country, then you can always opt for Torrentz3. 

  • Easy to Use 

Searching and downloading files from Torrentz3 is quite easy. You will have to write the name of the file, which you want to download in the search bar. After that, you would simply need to click on the search button. Next, you will get a plethora of results regarding the keywords that you have searched for. Now, all you would have to do is to click on the download button to finish your job. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Moreover, the UI of the website is also quite easy to understand. Thus, even if you do not really use these types of websites, you can still operate through it without any issues.

  • Availability of Mirror Sites 

Server crashing is probably one of the most common issues that almost any torrent site usually encounters. The same happens with Torrentz3, too, and, in that case, you won’t be able to access the website by any means. So, what would you do then? Well, you would, of course, go to one of its mirror sites. There are several mirror sites of Torrentz3 available out there. So, you will surely find at least an alternative that can help you with your cause.

So, these are a few details that you should know about the newly launched Torrentz3.  

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