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YesMovies -Watch Free Movies Online – Best Yesmovies Alternatives

We absolutely adore the quality movies and TV series, which we always hunt for across the various streaming platforms. And many times binge-watchers end up shelling out a huge chunk of money in the lure of these movies and TV shows. So if you are looking for a platform that can solve your conundrums of searching for quality movies and TV shows then “Yesmovies” is arguably the best streaming platform you can get.  In this article, we will look at how you can watch your favorite movie or a TV show without shelling out a penny from the wide array of fascinating options displayed on the “Yesmovies” platform.

 Yesmovies is one is the most popular websites for downloading movies of various languages as well as genres and other video content for free.

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What is Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is another streaming platform that presents a plethora of B-movies. Indie movies, and TV shows for free. Its unique feature and polished design certainly elevate the streaming experience to the next level. It offers everything for free which is the major reason for the huge influx of eyeballs on its streaming site.

Features of Yesmovies

1.The wide array of options

Yesmovies film stores have several categories comprising of  Drama, Romance, Sports, Action, etc. It is its wide array of categories that gives you ample options to pick your favorite one. The range of categories offered by Yesmovies is certainly an eye-catching feature that keeps the users glued to the platform.

2.Convenient and free to use

The biggest allure of Yesmovies is that it offers a plethora of options for free. You do not have to shell out a single penny to use Yesmovies app. On top of that, the interface it provides is really user friendly and eye-catching. It is very convenient for users to search for their desired movies or TV shows. It takes a few seconds to pick your favorite option.

3.Easy to share

Its app also provides a vital feature of social sharing. You can share your favourite movies or TV shows on popular social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The social share option is icing to the cake and certainly boom its popularity.

4.Supports IMDB

Yesmovies provides access to the IMDB which allows you to read scripts, dig the protagonist information, and be aware of various reviews floating around that particular movie or TV show.  In this way, it helps you take all the necessary information prior to investing your valuable hours. Thus it aids to decide whether to stick to that movie/ Tv show or hunt for the other options in the wide array of movies and TV shows.

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How to download Yesmovies APK

Yesmovies is not available on Google Play Store and Apple Play store but you do not need to be disheartened as there is another way you can download this app.

You should follow the following steps to download the APK of Yesmovies

  • First, you should allow downloading from the unknown sources on your device by turning it on in device settings.
  • Then, click on the given link to download the APK – Yesmovies APK
  • Now download and use the app.

Top 5 Alternatives to Yesmovies

 1. Putlocker

 It is one of the best alternatives to Yesmovies which always remains flooded with visitors. On the top of free streaming and download, it provides easy browsing of various movies and TV shows.

 2Sony Crackle

 It is also an alternative to Yesmovies that provides a wide array of movies and TV shows. And like Yesmovies you do not have to shell a single penny.

 3. GoMovies

It is a perfect alternative for sites like Yesmovies, that allows users to watch heir favourite show from different corners of the globe.

 4. OpenloadFreeTv

It is identical to Yesmovies as far as services are concerned. Both display a wide array of latest movies and hence OpenloadFreeTv is one of the best alternatives to Yesmovies.

 5. 123 Movies

It is also a well-known website like Yesmovies and offers a neck to neck competition to the Yesmovies. 123 Movies contain movies of wide range of genres and latest releases as well. Hence it is also among the best alternatives to Yesmovies

FAQs related to Yesmovies


How can I disable ads when using Yesmovies?

This is the major concern of the users and since the site is free we often have to deal with a nuisance like constant ads that keep popping up on the screen. This constants popups while watching torment the user. So to avoid this you can purchase an ad-blocker to keep the ads at bay. Popup blocker is one such popular option in the chrome extension to avoid the frequent ad-popping on the screen.

Is my device safe while accessing Yesmovies?

The Site which provides you a plethora of videos for free has a high probability of installing malware to your device. Therefore I recommend you buy good anti-virus software to shield your device from the damaging malware but again there is nothing like perfect security.

How to know when will the next episode or series will be available on Yesmovies?

As binge-watcher, you always have a curiosity to know the advent of the next episode or season of that TV series or movie that you have been watching.  In Yesmovies you can subscribe to receive the notification for the availability of episodes or season you have been waiting for. You can subscribe on the site by using your email address to receive constant updates on TV series and movies

What if I do not know how to download a movie?

If you do not have a stronghold on technology-related stuff then Yesmovies is a place to be in. Its user-friendly interface makes it a piece of cake to download any movie. You can easily navigate and it is simple enough for anyone to download the movie you have chosen.

What about the qualities of movies on Yesmovies?

Since the site is illegal the quality of the film is pretty good. You can always check the video quality by resting the pointer on the thumbnails.


Yesmovies is really a booming platform for all the binge-watchers. It provides a wide array of high-quality movies and TV shows. The user-friendly interface and social share options make it highly appealing.

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