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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Python Developer

Modern applications require development technologies that are capable of handling current data needs. The growing pace of technology means that modern languages such as Python will be in greater demand. As you look to hire Python developers, you should prepare your hiring criteria to hire the best. Interview questions are fundamental. These will ensure that you get a fully qualified developer for the job and familiar with the technology. Familiarity with the Python language means that the developer will deliver excellent work and features that will perform well.

Hiring Python developers requires selecting only the best. The following questions are essential and should be asked during the hiring process to help identify the best.

What is Python? What are the benefits of using it?

Python is an interpreted language. Its benefits include support for threads, objects, and modules. It is also easy, extensible, portable, and open-source.

How is Python interpreted?

The program runs directly from the source code, which is changed into an intermediate language before translation into machine language that can be executed.

How is Memory managed in Python?

A private heap is used to store all data structures and objects in Python. An in-built garbage collector recycles all free Memory, availing it to the heap.

What is pickling and unpickling?

Pickling is a method to convert python objects into string objects, dumping them into a file. Unpickling retrieves the string from the file.

What are decorators in Python?

These are the changes made to the Python syntax to modify functions more efficiently. They simplify the creation of procedures and reduce the amount of code needed.

Differentiate between a list and a tuple.

A list is mutable while a tuple is not.

What built-in types does Python have?

The mutable types are:

  • Sets
  • Dictionaries
  • Lists

The immutable types are:

  • Tuples
  • Strings
  • Numbers

What is a namespace in Python?

A namespace is a space where a variable name gets mapped to the object it references.

What is a Lambda?

It is a single expression anonymous function. It is often used as an inline function.

What are iterators?

These are used to process a group of elements, such as a list.

What is a unit test?

It is a testing framework that lets you share setups, automate testing, and place tests into collections.

What is slicing?

It is a method that selects a subset of items from a list or a tuple.

What are generators?

It is the best way to implement iterators.

What is the negative index?

A sequence that is indexed using negative numbers is known as a negative index.

Differentiate between Xrange and range.

The range function returns the list, while the xrange function returns the xrange object. Both calls use the same Memory regardless of the size of the range.

Define module and package.

A module is a way of structuring programs in Python. Every program file in Python is known as a module. A package is a collection of modules.

How do you keep track of different versions of your code?

Version control. It helps to keep track of changes made to the code and distributing source code amongst team members.

Hiring the best Python developer to develop web applications and other software for your business is essential. You can identify their skills by asking them questions to gauge their skill level. The questions that are provided in the section above are some questions you can use. They will determine whether the developer knows their Python well enough or not. It will also indicate their skill level and the experience they have had working with Python projects.

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