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Designer Skill Requirements to Get a High Paying Job

What are the web designer skill requirements to get a high paying job? Web design is a necessary, but important, part of the information technology infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of web servers, which serve requests to the World Wide Web using either Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or XML for content interchange, and clients, which access websites over the internet. The following discussion identifies some of the basic web designer skill sets required to achieve a successful career in this profession.

A. All web designers need to have an understanding of at least one programming language, preferably JavaScript. Even the most technically-sound web designers will encounter trouble when their client does not specify a scripting language, or does not provide a scripting interface for their application. Even the most expert web designers need to have some level of familiarity with a basic language like HTML, because that is the primary means by which a web browser displays web pages.

B. Even if you do not have a thorough understanding of any particular programming language, you should have a working knowledge of HTML. It is the primary method that a web browser displays web pages, and HTML is the vocabulary of web designers. Learning HTML will give you a deeper understanding of how websites are constructed and how they appear to the visitor. This ability gives web designers a deeper understanding of how to craft effective web sites.

C. Understand the basic principles of graphic design. Most website designers begin their careers designing logos and banners. If your knowledge of graphic design is limited, you may want to consider specializing in something more universal, such as web navigation or usability testing. All web designer jobs require an ability to visualize the end product, so it is essential to have a good eye for art.

D. Be familiar with the latest software development technologies. Web designers must be familiar with everything from Java Swing to Internet Explorer Auto Layout. The latest technology available for programmers is CSS, or cascading style sheet; this makes it easier to create consistent designs using a wide variety of tools.

E. Designers needs to be detail oriented. You might know a lot about graphic design, but if you can’t write code you are worthless to a web designer. A web designer needs someone who can envision the end result and provide feedback on functionality and presentation. For instance, if a web designer is developing a website for an online retailer, they will likely have a customer interface that will allow the customer to place an order online. The order page should display all relevant information clearly.

F. Have patience. The job of a web designer can be very demanding. Web designers spend long hours designing websites that never see the light of day. They also often have to wait for significant delays in Internet service and telephone services because of heavy traffic on the web.

G. Know your limitations. Designing websites can be difficult work. It takes a certain skill set and mental toughness to complete a well-designed website. If a designer can’t handle the design project alone, they should consider hiring other experienced web professionals to help with basic and intermediate skills.

H. Know what “qualifies.” In addition to knowing what “qualifications” a web designer needs, it is essential to know which type of education and training is required. Many jobs offer a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a web related field. There are some other web design careers that require only a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. Some careers require certification and others do not. The job requirements will vary by type of educational program or degree program.

I. Do your research. To get hired as a web designer, it is crucial to do your homework ahead of time. Try to find at least three or four different companies that you like and check out their websites. You can also contact the human resources departments of these companies to get more information about the type of positions available.

J. Find out about networking opportunities. Networking is a great way to find job openings and keep yourself updated on the latest trends. Web designers often communicate with potential employers via social media sites, job boards, and interviewers. It is important to participate in as many networking events as possible.

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