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CBD Tinctures to Fight Inflammation, Pain, and Insomnia

As someone who has suffered from insomnia ever since I was young, finding alternatives to sleeping pills can be a difficult task. The same might be true for those who look for alternatives to pain killers and anti-inflammatories since we all know how harmful these drugs can be in the long term.

They are known for causing severe side-effects, such as depression, focus loss, lack of motivation, liver damage, mood swings, among many other nasty examples.

Still, there were not many options for me that could work. I tried many things to fight my insomnia. I stopped using my phone and computer before sleeping and even installed a blue-light converter that could help my eyes not get as strain as they used to get. I also tried many different drinks as well and even tried medicinal cannabis as an option.

A good alternative for CBD and tobacco are this non tobacco pouches.I also tried many different drinks as well and even tried medicinal cannabis as an option.

Among all the options I decided to use, medicinal cannabis was definitely the most effective. It worked fast, and I could sleep incredibly well, but there was a problem: cannabis gets you high, which for some people, will be a not so pleasant experience.

In my case, I didn’t enjoy getting high because I could enjoy my books the same way, which made me feel frustrated and a little bit annoyed. And believe it or not, medicinal cannabis can also be used to fight inflammation and pain, but the fact that it gets you high might make it an unreliable alternative for people that need to engage in certain activities, like studying, driving, or working.

Here’s where CBD, also known as cannabidiol, entered my life. A friend of mine recommended me a product that could help me with my problems without getting me high, a type of CBD tincture that could be taken by mouth. I got it from, a website that also explains how CBD works.

Still, for me, CBD was a whole new experience, so I decided to do my research before trying, and I can say that, nowadays, it has been one of the best investments I could have ever done.

What Makes CBD So Special

Cannabidiol has a special property that cannabis doesn’t have, or we could actually say that CBD doesn’t have one of the cannabis properties! You see, cannabis contains a compound known as THC, and also, contains the compound known as CBD, both being cannabinoids.

Although THC is present in the plant at much higher levels, both compounds work to achieve the benefits they are capable of achieving by influencing the endocannabinoid system, a compound of neurotransmitters that are easily influenced by cannabinoids.

The problem is that THC is capable of messing with some physical functions that, in short, can get us high. This entails many sections and areas of our body, which affects our cognitive capabilities, balance, 5 senses, among many other things.

Now, cannabidiol is capable of providing the same health benefits of THC, without getting us high! These benefits include anti-inflammatory capabilities, analgesic capabilities, and relaxing capabilities.

This is because CBD is derived from a similar plant to the cannabis plant that contains really low levels of THC, not surpassing 0.3% of its structure. This makes it a much more dependable alternative.

Why Use Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol can be used in many ways, but as I mentioned earlier, people use it for three main reasons: fight pain, inflammation, and sleeping disorders. Although there’s much to learn about it, a lot of people use it to fight arthritis, for example, and this helps them recover some of their mobility because of the reduced inflammation.

Calming down pain in both humans and animals is also one of the many uses of cannabidiol. And since cannabidiol does not contain THC, it makes it a safe choice for pets and pet owners, since THC can be toxic for them.

Now, you can’t deal with all sleeping disorders. Good examples of this are sleeping disorders caused by physical conditions, like sleeping apnea caused by a badly shaped nose structure. Still, sleeping disorders caused by stress, anxiety, or over-activity of the brain (and thoughts) can be helped with cannabidiol, just as mentioned over here.

This also makes it a really good choice for those who suffer from sudden anxiety and panic attacks at random moments of the day. As a way to calm down themselves and reduce the amount of anxiety and panic, it remains a wise option.

How to Use 

The product I use, tinctures, works similarly to CBD oils, with it being better consumed sublingually since it can be easily absorbed by the bloodstream thanks to the capillaries of the cheeks, the gums, as well as under the tongue. The rest will be digested by the stomach.

Oils and edibles can be consumed by mouth, and they also vary considerably although the results are pretty much the same. Edibles tend to be a little bit more expensive than oils, and although they can get spoiled, they definitely taste better. Oils can be managed much easier thanks to medicine droppers, and this is very important since consuming more than you should lead to side-effects like diarrhea.

You also have the option of smoking it, either through smokeable CBD strains or CBD vaping oil. This provides a much faster, and much stronger effect, and is the reason why some people prefer this option to sleep since the effect is close to immediate.

Still, edibles and oil have a weaker but much more lasting effect that can last from 2 to 6 hours. Smoking can last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the amount consumed and the type of product.

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