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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Data Plan

Our phones have become an inseparable part of us. Smartphones help us connect to the world and relay information to our kin and colleagues. Network coverage and a data plan are key to urgent and effective communication. Having a data only plan in Singapore can save you loads of money on costly daily subscriptions. Various telecom companies in Singapore offer data plans and combo plans. However, some of them are pricier than their counterparts, and others offer more coverage areas. Choosing a data only plan in Singapore can be a daunting task without proper guidance. This article delves into factors you need to consider before choosing a suitable plan.

1. Price

The ultimate reason for a data plan is to save money on costly data charges. The best data only plan in Singapore offers you affordable plans with unlimited streaming. Unlimited data plans ranging from $3 to $15 offer your unlimited phone connectivity if you are a data-hungry user. The major merit of cheap plans is that they don’t have to tie you down to two-year contacts with poor networks and increasing charges. However, consider the network in your area and your device’s consumption rate before factoring pricing into your plans.


Everyone dreads a slow internet connection. The common notion that data plans have to be expensive to have amazing speeds is false. The telecommunications providers in Singapore understand the need for rapid access to information. Affordable data only plans in Singapore offer fast speeds with no buffering for seamless streaming and gaming. Wonderful data plans utilize 3G, 4G, and 5G networks to provide connectivity. A speed test is paramount before subscribing to a data plan. However, the speed is not entirely contingent on your provider. The device’s connection strength also determines how fast the connection will be.

3.Network coverage

Have you ever gone to a new place and had zero signal on your device? The pain of having unlimited data and no connection is unmatched. Singapore has its fair share of mountainous regions and remote areas with limited network coverage. However, the best data plan in Singapore utilizes the available network to maintain your connectivity to the world.

4. Rollover plans

Sometimes you don’t exhaust your data; it is costly to purchase a new bundle when you have an existing one. Rollover plans allow you to roll over the surpass data to your next purchase. The benefit is more data at reasonable prices. It is imperative to check with your provider if you have a rollover plan. The best data plan in Singapore allows you to activate your rollover plan at any time you want.

5.Standing charges

Different data providers offer minimal or no standing charges on your plan. Standing charges maintain your data plan even though you do not use it. The money enables the company to update your network when you need it continuously. Aim for affordable standing charges when choosing your data plan in Singapore.


Take more charge of your internet life by purchasing a data plan. Data plans offer you seamless streaming at ridiculously low prices. The best data only plan in Singapore offers high-speed internet connectivity at affordable rates across Singapore.

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