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Artificial Intelligence Enters Logistics

Whereas in the past, artificial intelligence was used primarily in global planning software, today artificial intelligence in logistics is widely used.

The French government previously developed a national strategy to support artificial intelligence, under which 1.5 billion euros were allocated for these purposes for the period until 2022. Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as an inevitable technology of the future that will enable France to be more competitive.

Many specialized firms offer users software, computer hardware for its use, as well as modern technologies, such as, for example, IoT (Internet of Things). According to the French portal Transport Info, the Bank for Entrepreneurs and Support for Innovation (BPI France) has identified 552 French companies that have been allocated more than 2 million euros for the development of AI technologies.

Algorithm underlying

Over the past several months, news from large companies in the transportation and logistics industry has revolved around AI technologies, prospects and recommendations for its use. Global giants – database operators (SAP, Microsoft Oracle or IBM) have integrated AI into their commercial offerings. They were joined by transport and logistics software publishers:

  • Acteos;
  • Akanea; 
  • Infor; 
  • Manhattan Associates; 
  • OMP / GPI Xyric; 
  • Cofisift / Xyric.

Algorithms are constantly being improved along with software updates, which make it possible to automate decision-making and performing the necessary operations. 

When planning the work of a car company, weather and road conditions in real time can be integrated into the software algorithm in order to constantly optimize the calculation of the best transportation route. AI technologies with data science agency – DataScience UA make it possible to determine the required number of vehicles to fulfill orders received from customers, calculate flight costs, revenues and profits.

Smart trucks

Artificial intelligence is used in modern trucks to recognize road signs and markings, react to weather and road situations to create a comfortable driving environment. For example, HERE (a maker of mapping platforms) has developed a digital app that allows you to anticipate road hazards by analyzing images from front-facing cameras, smartphones or DVRs.

Soon AI will be able to control autonomous trucks, process data from other vehicles and infrastructure. Truck manufacturers are also leveraging the power of AI, embedding devices in their equipment that allow them to monitor the condition and wear of vehicle components and assemblies. 

GedTrans experience

The S2PWeb innovation laboratory, part of the GetTrans group, has developed a software product that automatically analyzes the fundamental documents of transport companies (registration certificates, extracts from the K-bis trade register, transport licenses, social security certificates) and check their reliability by comparing them with the state database.

Previously, GedTrans employees had to manually process up to 14 thousand documents per month. Thanks to a new technology called GedVerifier, it is possible to reduce the time of this laborious process by up to eight times.

“When the degree of conformity of the checked document is about 100%, it is published. In other cases, the program offers to carry out an additional check manually. In any case, the use of AI provides a huge savings in time, “- says the head of the innovation laboratory.

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